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Limited to 100 worldwide! Ultra rare AMG.

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CLK Class is a Mercedes-Benz mid-size coupe & convertible produced from 1997 to 2010. It was a model based on the platform for the C class at that time, but the image of the exterior was a very unique car that was conscious of "E-Class" in one rank up. Therefore, the successor to the CLK class of the latest model is, in effect, "C-Class Coupe" or "E-Class Coupe".

In the era of the first generation of the CLK class (C208), a racing car (and a few road cars) with a completely unrelated 12 cylinder engine mid is given the front face of CLK and the name "CLK-GTR", and the name CLK is widely known to car enthusiasts. Perhaps because of this marketing strategy, the actual CLK Class was highly evaluated as a new affordable specialty coupe by Mercedes.

Accompanying the evolution of the base C-class, we made a full model change in 2002 to the second generation (Type C209). The feel of the interior and exterior of the car has improved dramatically, and it has become even more popular as a middle-sized "Coupe & Cabriolet" that can be used as a luxury car.

Against this backdrop, expectations for the AMG model that existed in the first generation are growing. First of all, CLK 55 AMG with 5.4 liter V8NA of M113 will debut. Then in 2006, the CLK 63 AMG with the famous Model M156 6.2 liter V8NA appeared, and the CLK AMG model received the highest attention.

In the meantime, a special model was also planned. In particular, the CLK 63 AMG Black series is the de facto originator (The first is the SLK 55.) of the best AMG series that continues to this day, and its lacy and flashy exterior design was unique.

However, there is another high-performance grade that must not be forgotten in the C209 type CLK series. It was the "CLK DTM AMG" designed to commemorate his victory in the German Touring Car Championship. 100 coupes and 80 cabriolets were produced.

It looks more powerful than the black series, and of course it is made of full carbon parts. The engine is a 582 liter V8 supercharger that emits 5.4bhp, and the maximum speed is said to be 320 km/h over. The fact that all of them were given as presents to Mercedes F1 drivers at that time became a topic of conversation.

AMG is more valuable than the black series. Now that DTM series like the Evo1 and Evo2 are trading at ridiculous prices, the value of this machine, which calls itself DTM, will only grow. By the way, it is said that the price of a new car in Japan was more than 40 million yen.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

The mileage is only 7800 km. The presence of the CLK DTM AMG coupe, which has a production volume of 100 units, is a miracle, but the mileage is low and the condition is excellent.

After checking it, what is wonderful is the condition of the inside and outside carbon parts. There is no fading or fading of color, and the resin is not distorted. It is a proof that it is stored in a garage where temperature and humidity are well controlled. The condition was so good that I was afraid of pulling it out into the strong sunlight for shooting. Other than that, there is no scratch on the wheel whose rim is stretched, there is no dullness on the lamps, and the condition of the paint is beautiful. As I searched for rough parts, I finally found small scratches under the nose, the bumper and the edge of the rear fender.

It's basically a collector's item, so it's too good to ride around. I would like you to buy a normal CLK63AMG at the same time and drive it around.

If you can't help but say "No, the car is worth riding in!" I will recommend you to change the tire.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2004
Year of PurchaseFeb 2006
Engine Capacity5,439cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.WDB2093421F164900
Engine No.
InspectionOctober 2021
AreaHyogo, Japan
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