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I enjoy looking at history, riding it, and looking it up.

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The American name for Lagonda originated in Middlesex, England, in 1906. On the eve of World War II, W.O. Bentley joined the company as an engineer. Although the company earned its reputation as a high-performance luxury car brand, it did not perform well. In 1947, after the war, it was brought into the hands of David Brown, who had acquired Aston Martin, and its management was integrated.

In 1948, a new series with an entirely new chassis and engine debuted. The 2.6 liter Bentley Straight 6 engine was used in Aston Martin DB2 and later became the basis for the V8, making it an important engine for Aston Martin.

The 1948 2.6 liter Lagonda was built from 52 to 118. There were saloons, coupes, and drop-head coupes (Cabriolet).

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

The most important thing about buying a classic car or vintage model is that, regardless of the size or condition of the individual, there is plenty of history and evidence to prove it.

Only physical evidence, such as original or photocopied documents from magazines and events, photographs, detailed records of repairs and restorations (Photographed is preferred.), and billing documents, can make a "a venerable individual".

In that respect, I would say this individual is perfect. Not only is the history of all the past owners clear, but the registration book (annual renewal) and the gasoline distribution booklet from that time are also valuable, and there is also a photo book that describes the process of registration in detail. Of course, there are all the documents related to ordering parts with the UK since they were imported into Japan, and even reading the documents backwards seems to touch the history story, which makes me excited. The instruction book attached to the car was kept in good condition.

Between 118 and 48, a total of 52 sedans, coupes, and openers were produced, and it is said that only about 8 of them remain. Of course, this is the only one in Japan.

It appears to have been produced in 1949, but it has been on display for some time in Bond Street showrooms. It was so much more expensive than Rolls-Royce that nobody could afford it (5500 pounds.). By the way, for Japanese people in 1950, buying a British car worth about 5500 pounds was like "Buy Bugatti Silon" in terms of currency value and difficulty.

It was at last at the end of 52 that she got married. Well-known businessman Charlie Wilment bought it as a gift for himself, registered it in January of the following year, and obtained a NJJ 572 number (That number is still attached to the car body.). In 2004, Wilmment's former business partner, Dennis Piace, took over, storing almost no NJJ 572, and in 1985, owning Wilmment's eldest daughter, Morley Pyle. In other words, it can be said that it is an individual with a history of owning 1 family.

The individual has a record of participating in many events and contests, and especially noteworthy is his participation in 2 events held in 2005. Her Majesty was at the Aston Martin St George Festival in Windsor Castle in the spring, and there are some commemorative photos of her. He also won first prize in the Aston Martin Competition in the fall. These are all medals before Fulrestore.

It was then brought to Japan by the current owner in 2016 with full restoration (There is a record photo.) including restoration to original paint. The current owner has made a number of "practical" improvements to make sure that he can run a long rally event without fail (Rafesta Milemilia and others who have already participated).

The same DB2 engine as Aston Martin was pulled down and received full OH for three months at a factory specializing in classic cars. In addition, the brake has been replaced, the electric fan has been added, the negative ground has been changed, and hazards and a kill switch have been added. In other words, the car is "evolution" to an individual in a condition that can be used every day. Of course, don't forget your respect for the original.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1949
Year of PurchaseDec 2016
Engine Capacity2,580cc
Steering WheelRight
ColorDark blue
Chassis No.LAG50/497
Engine No.LB6A1501576
InspectionDecember 2019
AreaTokyo, Japan
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