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An invitation to own a full fledged classic car

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The MG T series was a British sports car made for nearly 20 years from 1936 – 1955, starting on the eve of World War II up until 10 years after the war. Over the years, it has been loved by many with it’s classic pre-war roadster style matched with an easily tunable engine.

The series began with the TA , then a limited production run of TB, and ended with the post war TC. It’s safe to say that these models were almost all identical up until this point.

However, the TD debuted in 1950 and although it followed exterior styling cues from previous T series models, it received internal improvements worthy of a full model change.

The tread was widened by using the new chassis from the MG Y type, creating a visibly wider style. It inherited an improved straight 4 1250 cc SU twin carbureted XPEG type engine, but the sportscar performance was greatly enhanced with the new transmission and chassis. These improvements were attributed to the popularity of the previous TC in the US market.

In terms of maintaining pre-war flavor, this is a highly recommendable model serving as a gateway to enjoy authentic vintage car life.

After the TD in 1953, the T series had a big minor change to the TF. In 1955, it would pass the torch to the MG A sporting a modern, brand new exterior design.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

This is a distinguished right hand drive 1951 TD with a Dutch nobleman as the first owner. (Registration certificate from the time is included.)

This rare vehicle comes with almost a complete set of vehicle maintenance records following the first, second owner( Japanese) , and current third owner. One can experience the extra joy of discovering the history of this vehicle through these service records.

The current owner’s strong desire to drive directly to events and enter classic car rallys without worry resulted in practical modifications and thorough servicing of all mechanical components.

For example, the clutch was changed to a bearing type, the ignition system uses a full transistor type (able to convert back to original ) and the ground has been modified from positive to negative. The starter and fuel pump, carburetors (SU twin) have also been replaced. A luggage rack was installed on the rear of the body and fog lamps, hazard lamps and an original racing screen were also newly added. All are practical modifications for the purpose of racing in rallys and show the level of mechanical perfection the owner was committed to. The vehicle stayed at a famous Japanese factory for 3 years to receive this thorough treatment. Despite this, the exterior and interior configurations faithfully reproduce the original. The classic feel of the TD is not lost even for one moment.

I was able to drive the car at the owner’s request and my first impression of the vehicle was that it was easy to control. The engine revved freely and the small body vehicle displayed controlled acceleration. The large steering wheel felt more solid than expected and with a natural delay, the front wheels turned with accurate feedback and traced the desired line.

This may be a classic style by today’s standards but driving it now reaffirms this was a genuine sports car.

This vehicle comes with 4 brand new tires and a host of other parts. The original tools are also included.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1951
Year of PurchaseOct 1986
Engine Capacity1,250cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.TD5928
Engine No.XPAG-TD-LHX6341
InspectionJuly 2020
AreaTokyo, Japan
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