It reached the stage of completion as a modern supercar.

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Huracán debuted as a successor to Gallardo in 2014. This is Lamborghini's "mainstay" mass-produced mid-ship supercar.

It follows the tradition of Lamborghini naming, meaning "hurricane" in Spanish, but at the same time it comes from a legendary bullfight. LP 610 -4 means 4WD of 610 horsepower in the engine vertical position.

The precious point of "4WD supercar with V10 naturally aspirated engine in mid" is exactly the same concept and package as Gallardo, but it has evolved tremendously.

First, the engine. Note that the 610hp 5.2liter V10 for 4WD is a direct injection and port injection dual injection type. As a result, the maximum output and fuel efficiency have been improved. The transmission is the Lamborghini's first dual clutch transmission (Seven). The 4WD system is a hydraulic multi-plate control system like Aventador. Normally, the drive is distributed at front 3 : rear 7, but it is possible to distribute up to 50% to the front.

The new technology extends to chassis. Optional magnetic ride control and variable ratio power steering system. All of this is controlled by a newly developed electronic platform, and you can drive with your favorite running character using Drive Mode Control (= Strada & Sport & Corsa). Developed for Huracán, the giant PIRELLI tire have a standard carbon-ceramic brake system inside.

As in Gallardo, the body frame is basically an aluminum space frame, and the center tunnel, floor and sill parts, rear bulkhead, and B pillar are replaced with CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) of RTM molding for a hybrid structure. The multi-material structure, which Audi AG has been researching and developing for many years, contributes greatly to weight reduction, safety improvement and rigidity.

The Spider in 2015, the rear wheel drive LP580-2 (Coupe & Spider) in 2016, the high-performance Performante in 2017, and the Performante Spider in 2018 have been making efforts to improve the lineup every year.

Currently(2019), is selling a big minor change of Huracán EVO Coupe & Spider as a standard model.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

The Lamborghini with good taste gather at CARZY. A chic model with black interior on Neronoctis (Solid Black) exterior has been registered.

The car you registered before was also good, but this time is also pretty good. The black interior with white stitching has black wheels and black caliper. It is rare for a car to stick to black so much. Actually, this kind of car is a popular coordination among super car freaks around the Mediterranean. Some Swiss collectors collect black inside and outside supercars.

The mileage is about 10,000 km, but it looks like a new car. I crawled to the ground looking for a scratch, but the only scratch I finally found was one millimeter on the front bumper. There is no problem with the interior and exterior, the back of the bumper, or the wheel. If I had to say, it was only the tire of the right rear wheel, and I just noticed that there was a crack in the side wall. The condition was so good that I wanted to confirm with the owner, "Did you really ride 10,000 kilometers?".

This kind of new and clean car has nothing to say other than the charm of the car itself, which is a problem for writers (I have to crawl to the ground to find the wound.).

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2016
Year of PurchaseOct 2016
Engine Capacity5,204cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.ZHWEC1ZF2GLA05309
Engine No.
AreaOsaka, Japan