Longing for a simple driving style.

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Jun Nishikawa will appeal his car by himself!

It is a second generation Nuova Cinquecento in very good condition. I bought it 5 years ago at 'SCUDERIA DESAKI', a famous specialty shop in Kansai that carries Fiat 500. I bought it because I was worried that my body might get used to a car with high power in my daily test drive of super cars, and I thought it was the best for rehabilitation.

In a world where 800 horsepower is a given, I sometimes wonder, "Is it really fun?". I can't help it because it's work, but I feel big power is obvious. I wanted to go back to the basics and rediscover the fundamental joys of driving, which led me to buy Cinquecento. That's when I met Desaki (SCUDERIA DESAKI national team). Cinquecento is the basis of my favorite Italian car.

Just then, Desaki's store had a car that was rarely used after the Full restore. I fell in love at first sight with the cute coloring of the first generation popular model "Sports". It was quite "the specifications of a street racer", so I bought it on condition that I remake some to my favorite specifications. The engine was already equipped with an easy-to-handle 650cc specification, but it was combined with 126 missions with synchro, the interior was changed to bright light blue, and the biggest point is that the interior has been downgraded from the original luxury L specification to the F specification. I think that simple interior will suit Cinquecento.

The steering wheel and meter area are all replaced with genuine F (used goods). The pedals and audio remain the same as the previous owner, but they are easy to use for their sporty appearance. Since I bought it, I basically drove around the city of Kyoto, so I think it is in very good condition including the engine room. There are some paint cracks, scratches and rusts on the body and metal parts, but repairing them is also part of the fun of Cinquecento.

Even if it looks like this, it can run very fast and thrilling. If it's in town, it won't even lose to a super car. I think it's a valuable car that teaches you the basics of driving fans once again. I want people who take care of this car to enjoy driving.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1970
Year of PurchaseSep 1999
Engine Capacity652cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorLight Blue
Chassis No.110F2505188
Engine No.
InspectionMarch 2018
AreaKyoto, Japan