Western, 2 owners, highly original.

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The W114 (6-cylinder model) Mercedes-Benz was introduced in 1968, following the W110 model. At that time, the basic model of Mercedes was the S-class, so it was called "compact" because it was smaller than the S-class. However, the /8 (slash 8) model (W114) was the upper model in the lineage that would later lead to the W123 and then the W124. In other words, it is the ancestor of today's E-Class. In terms of body size, it is about the same as the latest C-Class, but it was still a large car half a century ago.

There are many innovations in the W114. The biggest news of all was the use of Bosch D-Jetronic, the first fully electronically controlled fuel injection system. Mercedes would continue to use this system until the introduction of K-Jetronic.

In addition to the six-cylinder model, there are also four-cylinder gasoline and five-cylinder diesel models (these are differentiated from the W115). There were also sedan and LWB limousine body variations, of which the two-door coupe (sedan) is still the most popular model. The transmission was a 4-speed automatic only.

The car underwent a big minor change in 1973. The front grille became lower and wider, and the headlights were also lowered. The larger side mirrors and the elimination of the triangular window were also features of the minor change model.

More than 1.9 million units of the very popular W114 and W115 were produced until 1976, when they were passed on to the W123 model.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

While about 1.85 million saloons were sold, the production of the beautiful pillarless coupe models, which were only available in six-cylinder models (only the W114 model), totaled only about 67,000 units. The 2.5-liter 250C and 250CE, and the 2.8-liter 280C and 280CE existed throughout the years, but this car is a rare early model 280CE of which only 7,500 were made between 1972 and 1973.

As mentioned above, the exterior features of the early model include the W bumper, simple mirrors, triangular windows, and full wheel covers, but the interior features a large ring-type steering wheel, which is a must-have for classic car fans. In the later models, all of these areas have been modernized.

This car, with its green interior and light green exterior, was imported from new by Western Motor Company, the official importer at the time. It was first registered in 1973, and has been a one-owner car since then until the current owner purchased it. The odometer reads approximately 75,000 kilometers. The odometer shows about 75,000 km, which is the actual mileage as far as the condition of each part is concerned. The original condition has been well maintained. The only thing that is not original is the fact that it is equipped with an external dynamo.

The current owner seems to have tried to keep the car in the same condition as when it was a one-owner car, and although there are some cracks in the rubber parts, it is not in an unsightly condition. However, there is a high possibility that the body has been repainted in the original color. There are a few spots of rust and paint lifting, but these can be covered with simple repairs.

Anyway, the look and feel is very dignified. The suspension is very solid. There is no fatigue in the legs and back, which is common in old cars that have not been well taken care of. It has a beautiful appearance even from a distance.

The interior is also in excellent condition, with green from the dash to the seats to the floor carpet. The seats are in good condition with no noticeable holes or tears. There was only a hole in the side arm. The ceiling is a little sagging, which is a concern.

When driving, there is no AT shock, which is common when putting the car in D or R gears, and the car runs very well. The M110 six-cylinder engine made no unusual noises. No problems with ride quality either! The suspension worked as well as it looked.

I asked the current owner, "Isn't it better not to part with such a good individual?" and his family didn't like the car. So he wants to buy another car for his family and look for a compact, classic car that he can enjoy on his own.

It seems that the "compact" Mercedes Benz introduced half a century ago is not really a compact at all.

This is an early model W114 coupe in original condition. It has plenty of inspection left. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful coupe style with long rear.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1973
Year of PurchaseMar 1973
Engine Capacity2,746cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorGreenish brown
Chassis No.114072-12005598
Engine No.110981-12-009190
InspectionJuly 2023
AreaKanagawa, Japan