Hybrid + midship for a new kind of pleasure

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After quite a while after entering the 21st century, we became accustomed to electricity, so hybrid cars are no longer unusual. However, there are still not many people who have driven hybrid sports cars. The reason is clear, not so many cars are out there.

According to various manufacturers' plans, hybrid sports cars will appear one after another in the future, but the BMW i8, whose commercial model was introduced in 2013, quickly and clearly demonstrated their appeal to the world.

The number “8” for BMW, such as the 8 series and Z8, seems to have been given to the ultimate sports model in the lineup. Like the i8, it was developed as one of the ultimate plug-in hybrid sports cars. It has a performance similar to that of a super car, but it also achieves the fuel efficiency and environmental performance of a compact car.

The base of the car is a lightweight and rigid aluminum alloy backbone frame that also serves as the case for lithium-ion batteries, and the structure is ambitious. It has a motor on the front, an internal combustion engine mounted in a rear-midship layout, and a series of suspensions attached to the frame. The basic structure is to place a full carbon cabin including a butterfly door on top of it. The idea is to put all heavy things on the bottom and light things on the top.

The motors on the front are 131ps/250Nm. The rear gasoline engine is a 1.5 liter inline 3 cylinder twin power turbo with 231ps/320Nm. The total output of the system is 362ps with a torque of 58.1kgm. That doesn't sound like much, but knowing that the acceleration time from 0km/h to 100km/h is only 4.4 seconds, 0.2 seconds faster than a 991 inch Carrera will change your mind a bit. The maximum speed is 250km / h like other high performance BMW, and the limiter is applied.

Early models can run up to 35km on electricity and motors alone, and up to 120km/h. It still has a futuristic form with 2 + 2 seats and a 154 liter trunk. This high practicality is possible because the engine is small. In addition, the mileage in Europe compound mode by full charge is 40km/L, and the mileage in JC08 mode is 19.4km/L. There is no other super sports car like that.

Despite its heavy battery, the vehicle weighs only 1500 kg, and the ultra-low center of gravity design, which concentrates heavy objects on the lowside, enhances the vehicle's dynamic performance. As a result, the vehicle has a high turning ability and cornering speed. Still, the balance between the front and rear wheels is so good that you don't get understeer or oversteer at first, and you run through the corner surprisingly fast with a low, steady on the rail.

Plug-In hybrid cars also have a lot of mid-ships, but the model that combines the two is still valuable and gives you a new taste and new values. If you ride the i8, you might get addicted to it.

Tomoyuki Shimada's Highlights!

It was a dealer car registered in September 2015, and the mileage was 9439 km at the time of the interview. The car inspection was completed at the dealer in September 2018.

This car had a pretty expensive option.

Exterior was BMW i light alloy wheel 20 inch turbine styling, front was 7.5J, rear was 8.5J. The tire is a Bridgestone Potenza S001, and the size is 215/45R20 at the front and 245/40R20 at the rear.

Interior will feature a BMW i multifunction sports leather steering with a blue accent, Exclusive natural leather, with cloth accent seat, Anthracite roof lining and a BMW i blue seatbelt packaging option "BMW i Interior Design HALO". It also has Comfort Access that allows you to perform various operations while wearing a remote control key.

The total extra cost at that time was 766000 yen. Other than that, it was equipped with a new drive recorder/radar detector.

The condition of the car is one of the best. I checked it closely from corner to corner and found a few small scratches caused by stepping stones, but it was not noticeable at all. The foot circumference was also beautiful. There was a scratch on the wheel on the left side of the front desk, but if it is repaired, it will not be noticeable at all. By the way, we have maintenance records and spare keys.

The price of a new car is 19.17 million yen, which is not cheap, so I think this is the best 1 car to enjoy the new value of hybrid + midship at a reasonable price.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2015
Year of PurchaseSep 2015
Engine Capacity1,499cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.
Engine No.
InspectionSeptember 2020
AreaMie, Japan