The last speciale of a single clutch.

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Midship sports cars powered by V8 engines have been a big part of Ferrari's success.

The so-called "Piccolo" Ferrari series, which began with the 308GT series in the mid-70's, was no longer a "Piccolo" in the 90's, and has grown to become a threat to the flagship model with 12 cylinders in performance.

Especially since the F 355 GT series in 94, Ferrari has been supported by Ferrari maniacs as the most popular "Cavallino Rampante" among the lineup, since Ferrari acquired 2 pedal transmission which can be driven by AT license. Increased engine performance and reliability were also key factors in the increase in popularity.

When the F355 is replaced by the 360modena, the retractable light supercar style that had been a feature of the previous model will be replaced with a fixed headlight coupe style that emphasizes aerodynamics, further evolving as a sports car. Also, "Challenge Stradale" a high-performance road car that carries on the image of the popular "challenge" series race car, has arrived. The V8 midship Cavallino Rampante has exploded in popularity, and after that, the introduction of the special grade "Speciale" at the end of the model period became a standard.

As the 360modena evolved into F430, the final version was F430 Scuderia. This car made his debut at the Frankfurt Show in 2007. It was much lighter than the F430, so even though the engine power was 510ps, 20ps higher than the normal F430, the driving was thrilling. It was the V8 midship of the last single clutch 2 pedal transmission, and it was equipped with the F1 Superfast which has the fastest speed change.

Gray stripes in the center of the car, a larger front grip bumper, and two rear bumper tail ends make it relatively easy to distinguish from normal models.

Based on F430 Spider, which was more popular than coupe at the time, Scuderia Spider M16 was produced in limited 499 units worldwide. It's a spider version of F430 Scuderia, and it's now on sale at premium prices.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

It's a Bianco Avus F 430 Scuderia in good condition that you can see at a glance that it's a car that was treated carefully. If you're looking for an F 430 Scuderia in excellent condition, don't miss this opportunity.

The mileage is only 3500km. There were almost no noticeable scratches, and after searching hard for scratches saying "That can't be true.", there was only a pinhole on the front bumper. All four wheels are intact, the lamps have no fogging, because the protective film is affixed to the inside of the fender, it is hardly scratched. Even looking at the interior, it is difficult to find signs of driving around a lot. Pedals are like new cars. I can't believe I've driven more than 3000km. I'm amazed at the owner's love for this car, which he has cherished since he bought a new car.

There is no need to explain this or that. Please take your time to check the great condition with pictures.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2009
Year of PurchaseSep 2009
Engine Capacity4,308cc
Transmission6 semi-MT
Steering WheelLeft
ColorBianco Avus
Chassis No.ZFFKZ64J000167974
Engine No.
InspectionApril 2021
AreaHyogo, Japan