Its presence is more than a supercar

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At the 2000 Geneva show, the controversial product announced by the well-established British brand Morgan was the Aero8. Morgan's all-new, all-new design 2-seater sports car in 64 years. That alone was enough to make it a hot topic, but on top of that, because it appeared in a very unique style, it became a hot topic and caused controversy.

It was the look that drew attention. The idea was to cross the New Beetle headlights inside left and right inside the large front fender to ensure nighttime visibility, and Morgan proudly described it as a blend of classic design and aerodynamics.

With the exception of a humorous face that looked like a hamster full of sunflower seeds in its mouth, it was certainly a modern and refined Morgan style. The method of manufacturing the body skeleton using white ash for the inner frame remains the same, but here you can also see the fusion of tradition and modernity, such as using aluminum alloy for the body panel.

The powertrain is a BMW V8 engine, initially using a 4.4 liter M62 with Getrag 6MT. This V8 exhibited 305ps while being naturally aspirated. It can be said that the performance is more than enough for a 1200kg vehicle weight.

The Aero8 has since evolved from Series 2 to 4. In the Series 4, the headlights have been changed to mini, the engine has been changed to 4.8 liter N62, and the long-awaited 6AT is now available. It briefly came to an end in 2009, but was revived in Series 5 in 2015. The model life ended in 2019.

From 2010 to 2015, small quantities of unique derivative models were produced, including the Coupe Aeromax and the Talga Supersports.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

According to the current owner, this is one of the four cars that first entered Japan. In short, this car is a true Series 1. In addition, the previous owner extended the odometer to 3000 km after purchase, but hardly rode for the next 10 years. The current owner acquired it in 2012 and is up to the present.

When I checked the odometer at the time of the interview, it was 37000 km. I heard that there were many cases of long distance driving such as events and touring after purchase. For this reason, in addition to detailed maintenance, there are many parts that have been modified to make it easier to ride, and the affection that the owner poured was transmitted.

For example, do you notice anything when you look at the photo of the exterior? It's quite a big renovation, but it doesn't feel strange at all. It's so typical of Morgan that even professionals don't realize it's been modified. The hint is "Doors".

Yes, the door of Aero8 is are recessed downwards in line with the special features of the soft top close. Normally, the Aero 8 ’ s doors are straight to the left and right, making it difficult for British convertibles to perform the driving style they should have (= runnning with elbow on the window). It didn't look like Morgan, so the current owner has decided to change the shape of the door.

Of course, it is not only shaved but also the wood panel on the top of the inner trim is specially made. The power window had to be removed, but instead two new detachable windows were installed. The wood with a string wrapped around the doorknob is made from scrap wood from the headquarters factory visited during Morgan's 100th anniversary. Behind the cabin, there is even an original leather roll bar.

Furthermore, the hood was rebuilt from genuine sheets, and the original bikini top hood was made using the extra fabric at that time. If it rains a little, there is no problem running on a bikini top hood. It will be effective as a awning in the hot season. Anyway, this is a bikini top!

Also, in this kind of driver's car, I do not think much about the person sitting in the passenger seat, but the current owner often go to drive with his wife, and it would be useful to have a wood grip at that time Therefore, it was installed on the passenger seat side. These practical changes are perfect for owners who enjoy driving. In addition, there is a policy on how to make it. The owner's argument that Morgan was something to modify and enjoy was strangely compelling.

It was my favorite car that was converted. It is not a condition of the contest. Not original. There are many parts that have been modified and there are many small scratches. But it is full of ideas and know-how to enjoy driving and that is why it is beautiful. A car that is suitable for driving looks cool overall, even with many scratches. The next owner who wants to inherit this car on the premise of riding and enjoying it will receive all the detailed instructions from the current owner.

After the interview, BMW’s V8 engine simply restarted and ran away with its deep exhaust note echoing through the valley of the building.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2002
Year of PurchaseAug 2002
Engine Capacity4,370cc
Steering WheelRight
ColorLight Blue Metallic
Chassis No.SA9AERO80004G0150
Engine No.
InspectionSeptember 2021
AreaOsaka, Japan