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The first Viper (SR1, SRII) was planned as a modern version of Cobra. It became a popular flagship model of the Dodge brand and became a long-selling model for 11 years since its debut in 91.

The first full model change was made in 2002. It was developed under the leadership of Chrysler's high-performance vehicle division, the SRT (Street and Racing Technology), and was designed by Japanese designer Osamu Kato.

The first generation had two names: RT/10 (Roadster) and GTS (Coupe), but the second generation unified the name Viper SRT -10. First, he made his debut with Roadster, and 3 years later, coupe was added.

In addition to the radically different design, the second generation V 10 engine has a 8.3 liter capacity. Its maximum output has finally surpassed the 500 PS mark, and its maximum speed is over 300 km/h, making it a typical American supercar.

The second-generation Viper, dubbed ZB1 by Zu, has since undergone a minor change to the ZBII, which features a 8.4 liter V 10 engine tuned to over 600 horsepower. In 2012, it will undergo its last evolution, and its third-generation name will evolve into the "SRT Weiper" (VX1).

The first generation was legally imported into the Japanese market by DaimlerChrysler Japan, but after the second generation, it will not be officially imported, and all the individual cars distributed will be parallel import cars.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

This is the SRT -10 Roadster of "Mamba Edition", which is said to have produced only 200 units of this rare second-generation model. ZB1 produced in December 2004 is 2005 model.

The feature of the Mamba Edition is that it is very rare for a Viper and has a color in the interior. The interior features a combination of vivid red leather and red stitching, based on black. At the time it was an optional $2500 ~ 3000 device. This individual has a sticker inside that says 111/200 for the Mamba edition.

As you can easily imagine from the incredibly long nose, the large V 10 engine fits snugly in the front mid, making it a surprisingly enjoyable handling machine. Viper was also active in motor sports.

Viper does not have a 2 pedal transmission option. It is a tough team with only a six-speed three-pedal manual mission for all generations. The pleasure of manually operating an engine of over 8 liters will be an invaluable experience. Unlike a nervous supercar, you can drive sloppily if you use a big torque.

The current owner who has collected many other cars seems to have enjoyed the high-speed driving that he used to like very much, and the "raw wound" seen here and there is a proof of the performance that made the owner captivated.

The owner kindly let me drive around the galley for a while, and I was excited to experience the feeling of riding with a huge engine for the first time in a while. I don't think there will be a chance for a new car to ride this kind of large displacement model forever. In terms of unique experience, why don't you aim for the lowest price now?

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2005
Year of PurchaseAug 2005
Engine Capacity8,270cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.1B3JZ65Z05V501003
Engine No.
InspectionSeptember 2019
AreaHokkaido, Japan