There are various ways to enjoy the final form of 356.

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"356 "No. 1" Roadster" was the first sports car to bear the name "Porsche" since its birth in 1948. Since then, the 356 has evolved into pre-A, 356 A, B, and C forms for about 17 years.

The 356 C model debuted in 1963 and is the last model of the 356 series that was produced until 1965. As a minor change version of the 356 B, the body is the same as the T -6 body in the latter half of 356 B, and instead of the 4 wheel drum brake, the undercarriage has been changed to the ATE 4 wheel disc brake. There were coupe and cabriolet body types.

We lowered the seat position of the interior and changed the synthetic leather of the skin to soft one. The optional door panel armrest is now standard. Exterior has a rear C or SC emblem.

356 C is equipped with 1582 CC horizontally opposed 4 cylinder OHV engine. The transmission is 4MT. The catalog values are maximum output of 75 ps/5200 rpm and maximum torque of 12.5 kgm/3600 rpm. In the high-performance version of the 356 SC, the maximum output was increased to 95 ps/5800 rpm and the maximum torque was increased to 12.6 kgm/4200 rpm. The maximum speed was increased from 175 km/h at 356C to 185 km/h.

A total of 356 units of the 356 C, the final model of the 1963, were produced: 4674 units in 1964, 10312 units in 1965, and 1688 units in 16674. After that, the Porsche sports car family tree will be continued into 911.

Taichi Fujino’s Highlights!

The exterior is white and the interior is 2 tones, white and beige, it is a 356 C coupe with a fresh atmosphere.

The current owner bought it at 356 specialty stores in Nagoya about 6 years ago and owned it to participate in 1 ~ 2 classic car events a year.

After purchase, the underbody is repaired and anti-rust coating is applied to the fuel tank as well. The wheels were repainted, the tires were replaced with new ones, and the dampers were replaced with KONI classic ones. On the exterior, the tail lens has been changed to the original red one.

The instrument panel part of the interior was originally the same color as the outer panel, but it seemed to have been repainted to a different color, so I changed it back to original white. Also, the sheet and the lining have been removed and the carpet has been renewed. The original steering wheel was also repainted and repaired cleanly.

The rated voltage is the same as the original 6V specification. The engine is in very good condition, but the ignition system is weak, so it may be difficult to start the engine when restarting. I heard that they thought about changing to the 12 V specification, but they kept the 6 V specification because they wanted to keep the original, and they are dealing with it by always having a starter. If I connected the starter during shooting, I could restart without difficulty.

The current owner didn't have a chance to drive the car because he was busy with work, so he decided to give it up because he wanted to give it to someone who could enjoy the car. It seems to be in good condition and there are many ways to enjoy it, such as joining a classic event or going for a drive on the weekend.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1963
Year of PurchaseApr 2013
Engine Capacity1,582cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.217874
Engine No.
AreaTokyo, Japan