Comfortable daily use, also happy on the circuit.

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"R8" was Audi's first super car. Equipped with a 4.2 liter V8 or 5.2 liter V10 engine in the aluminum space frame body, this model is highly regarded as a midship sports car that delivers its full power to the road surface with 4WD.

The first generation debuted in 2006 after the concept car "Le Mans Quattro" which appeared in 2003. It was produced until 2016. It is now the second generation.

This car is attractive for its unique styling that lets you know at a glance that it is a mid-ship car. The side blades double as an air intake and serve as an accent, but in fact, this is the R8 that clearly shows its position as a mid-ship sports car, not a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

There is a big side blade behind the door, so the wheelbase will be longer. In short, it's a mid-ship car, but it's also a pragmatic packaging.

Therefore, in addition to the 100 liter capacity in the front hood, there is also a 90 liter shelf behind the 2 seat seats. These are very convenient as luggage storage.

The appeal of R8 is that "Running with the goodness of Audi.". "The goodness of Audi" means that anyone can enjoy driving with a modern taste without hesitation. In a nutshell, the phrase supercar doesn't evoke an image of a more advanced vehicle: Anyone with a license can easily drive an Audi. For this reason, the cabin space is large and the operation is very easy, so you don't need any special techniques or mental strength to drive.

Nevertheless, if a skilled driver drives the car on a circuit, it will be an ideal midship sports car. The driving pleasure is high, and the 8 cylinder +3 pedal mission that was in the early model is one of the most excellent handling machines in the world.

There was a coupe and a spider, each with a V8 and V10, which was one of the charms of the early model.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

This is the R8 coupe with 4.2 liter V8 engine which is the early last model. Bugatti Chiron style body color is due to wrapping. Under the blue lap, the coordinate by the white carbon blade is hidden.

The car is fitted with wheels made in the U.S. (custom-made turquoise blue), but also comes with normal wheels. The muffler made outside of the company also had a powerful sound, but since it has normal parts, it can be restored. The front, back and side aero parts are also made outside the company.

The mileage has just exceeded 9000 kilometers. The interior is as good as a new car, so I think it's a car with no big problems. You can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Bugatti as it is, or you can return it to its original elegant state. Try the very well balanced "a supercar you can ride every day" once.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1970
Year of PurchaseJan 1970
Engine Capacity4,163cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.7001722
Engine No.
InspectionJuly 2020
AreaMiyazaki, Japan