The unwinged GT3 is a valuable dealer car with a mileage of only 73 kilometers.

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The "911GT3 Touring Package" announced at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 2017 is a pure adult 911 with the running performance of GT3, which is called the highest in the world, is kept as it is, and the big rear wing which rises is removed, and the appearance is reduced. To talk about this model, we first need to touch on "911R" which appeared in 2016. The 911R was a limited edition car (991 units) featuring the components of the GT3RS in a bladeless body, an homage to the competition model of the narrow age. With its hidden power under a less flashy styling, the 6-speed MT driving machine quickly captured sports car enthusiasts around the world, partly because the GT3 didn't have an MT model at the time. Unfortunately, there were many dreamless people who bought it for speculation and it was sold at a very high price (At one time, it exceeded 100 million yen.), so the model that Porsche announced publicly that "Countermeasures for resale of 911RS" and put it on the market was "911 GT3 Touring Package". As an aside, the MT model has been restored to the regular GT3 along with the facelift in 2017. In other words, the advent of the 911R has created a number of happy byproducts for Porsche fans.

The engine is equipped with GT3, 4 liter (3996 ml) horizontally opposed 6 cylinder d with natural intake.Although it is a large displacement engine, it squeezes out 500 ps, which is 125 ps per liter, and the performance that allows up to 9000 rpm is just what you'd expect from a racing car direct unit.It combines speed, exhilaration and toughness that no one else can match. The vehicle weight is 1470 kg, which is 20 kg lighter than GT3.Catalog spec is from 0 km/h to 100 km/h for 3.9 seconds, and maximum speed is 316 km/h.

The distinctive big wings are the same movable small rear spoilers as regular Carrera, but they are differentiated by wearing a special Gurney flap. The interior has been changed from an Alcantara bucket sheet to a sports sheet made of high quality leather and fabric, and window malls, headlight washer covers, tail pipes, and the Porsche logo on the rear have the same silver decoration (If you choose the optional black exterior touring package, it will be the same black as the regular GT3.) as the standard model. It has a sophie skating taste to match the fact that the pivot is placed from racing to the street.

With 3 pedals, you can fully enjoy of 911, a natural intake engine that retains the goodness of the air-cooled era, without ever feeling the onlookers around you. "GT3 Touring Package" is a collectible car that will surely continue to be loved as a pure Porsche Paranoia.

Shinichi Yamazaki's Highlights!

Mileage is surprisingly only 73 km! It's almost like a new car. The current owner only ran a few times, and I checked everything from the exterior to the interior to the suspension, but there was no damage. The interior has a smell unique to a new car. If it is an auction, it is definitely the highest grade S point evaluation. The body color is white (OQ), and the car inspection will last until December 2021. Moreover, this car is not a parallel import car which exists in many markets, but a dealer car (The vehicle price is 21.15 million yen, the same as the regular 911GT3.) which was imported by Porsche Japan as a 2019 model only a few cars. It's worth it.

"I've always been very interested in the 911 GT3, which has a strong taste of old Porsche, but the rear wings were flashy and I shunned them. Of course I knew about the touring package, but I was hesitant to buy it because it was not officially imported at the time of announcement. But last year, a familiar Porsche dealer approached me and said, "You may be able to get an official imported car in a touring package." so I placed an order without hesitation." says the current owner.

He said that he liked the sharp engine feel of natural air intake, the fun of MT driving, the deep suspension area, and the ease of handling. However, with the possibility that the next 992 model GT3 will be equipped with a natural air intake engine, he felt that "I want to try the latest and last natural intake model." and decided to give up on the condition that "I want to give it to someone who likes this car more than I do.".

The car was outfitted with options worth 2 million yen, including a 411,000 yen front lifting system, sport chrono, carbon interiors and side garnish, black exterior, black aluminum wheels with guard painting and a Porsche Dynamic Light System, as well as a genuine back camera that's essential for a 911 with poor rear visibility.

It has the world's highest driving potential and sensuality, but it is also one of the ideal sports cars in the modern age, as it has the tolerance to ride comfortably in the city. This car, like a new car, is a perfect collector's item, but I think it's also worth exploring the essence of Porsche as a lifelong companion.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2018
Year of Purchase
Engine Capacity3,996cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.WPOZZZ99ZJS170365
Engine No.
InspectionDecember 2021
AreaHiroshima, Japan