A lonely art car that never loses its shine.

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The outstanding styling that everyone looks back on and the driving that stimulates the sensitivity of the rider. The Brera is the first flagship coupe of the millennium to embody these two characters, the essence of the Alfa Romeo. It was first introduced as a concept model at the Geneva Motor Show in 2002. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the long nose and rear short overhang notchback style won the event's Best Concept of the Year award. Three years after its spectacular debut, Brera moved into production type without breaking the original image.

The front face of the three-eyed headlights and the glamorous and voluminous shape of the hips are unique and fresh even now. This design that does not fade is the most attractive feature of Brera. The distinctive shield grille used in the concept became the design identity of the Alfa at the beginning of the millennium, and was later used in mass production models such as the 156 (MC) GT, 147 (MC) and 159.

Beyond the design, the platform and engine are a major overhaul. Brera was developed at a time when parts were being shared through a business alliance between its parent company, Fiat, and GM (General Motors). Therefore, the platform is the same as the Opel Vectra, and the engine block is also made by Opel. The injection of German blood gave Alfa Romeo a high level of stability and deep handling that helped him overcome the driving dangers of the old Alfa Romeo and reach a level where the potential of the car seemed to have risen to a different stage, despite being ridiculed by enthusiastic Alfa Romeo as "It's not like an Alfa".

As for the engine, the cylinder head is twin cam type of direct injection which was originally developed by Alfa Romeo, and the light and refreshing feel retains the atmosphere of Alfa, and it is also excellent as a sports engine.

The classic, quirky way of driving, pure blood, sensuality, and other sensational aspects of the previous generation have been somewhat lost, but the Brera, with its improved basic functions of running, turning, and stopping, is a model that has opened a new era as a sports car. Another major advantage of the joint development with GM is that it is equipped with a full range of safety equipment, such as VDC, ASR, MSR, and hill hold systems, and that the number of problems with this model is far less than that of the previous model.

There are 2 types introduced in Japan, 2.2 liter direct 4 and 3.2 liter V6. The former is AWD called FF and the latter is AWD called Q4. At the beginning of 2006, the manual 6 speed MT was the only one available, but in 2007, the semi-automatic selespeed was added to the 2.2 liter model, and the Aisin 6 speed AT was added to the 3.2 liter model, expanding the customer base. In the latter half of the model period, luxurious premium equipment and sports grade TI (Turismo Internazionale) were added to enhance the attractiveness of the model by making it lighter.

Because of its too unique style, sales volume did not increase and it was a commercial failure, but because of its impressive styling and scarcity, it is sure to become one that satisfies the desire to own as a collectible car in the future.

Shinichi Yamazaki's Highlights!

This car is a 2008 model 2.2 JTS selespeed (2 Pedal 6 Speed ​​MT). It is the model just before the minor change with lots of equipment, the price is stable and all the initial troubles are over, so it is a very popular model on the market. In addition, the optional Pack Bixenon (Xenon Headlights and Headlight Washers), Pack Pelle Frau (Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau leather finish, front power seat + front seat heater), 18 inch aluminum wheels, etc. are equipped according to the "Premium" which is the advanced specification of the later model, so it is highly satisfactory 1 unit.

The body color is not the standard Rosso Corsa, but calm and elegant carbon black, and the interior is bright red and beige. The gorgeous atmosphere like the flower opens at the moment of opening the door cannot help but feel Italian taste. The hip conscious proportions are even more attractive!

The current owner saw Brera's presentation when he was a student and fell in love with his styling at first sight. And it seems that he took over the car that his uncle purchased with a new car 9 years ago. In addition, he really wanted to ride MT, and in 2013, he increased of 3.2 JTS, It seems he was crazy about Brera. Maintenance work is undertaken at "RED POINT" in Gifu Prefecture, which specializes in Italian and French cars. The oil change every 6 months, the 12 month inspection and the 24 month inspection are carried out without fail, and the menu which strengthens electric system which is weak point is made to maintain the thorough condition, and as a result, there is no big trouble until now. The current mileage is more than 61000 kilometers, but if I continue the same maintenance, I think I can keep driving well.

As for the interior and exterior, they were stored in a garage with shutters, so there was no discoloration of the body, deterioration of the interior, or the stickiness of dashboards. The downside are small dents and scratches on the edge of the door and small scratches on the front bumper by stepping stones. There is also a scratch on the C pillar, but it will disappear with the coating. As for the interior, there is a scratch on the door acyl of the passenger seat and a scratch on the right side support of the driver seat, but the overall condition is generally good.

When you close the door, it feels tight, and the sound of the audio is wonderful. The comfort you feel when you sit down will surprise anyone who knows the Alfa Romeo before Brera.

"As I was transferred, it became difficult to keep riding, so I reluctantly decided to list it. I have cherished it since I got my license, so I want my successor to keep it for a long time, and I want many people to see Brera in the future. In fact, MT's Brera gave in to the enthusiasm of the elderly who suddenly called out 'I want you to sell it.' at the parking area. Rather than being able to sell the car, I was happy to be able to reconfirm that the car was so attractive that it made me think, I want to get it no matter what." says the current owner.

The market price of Brera, which was not accepted by many people because of its strong individuality due to its design first car which strongly reflects the image of concept car, is gradually declining as time passes. But there are definitely some fanatical fans out there, and it's possible that the market price will go up as the number of car in the market declines. I would like you to ride the "Real adult" that knows cars well and never forgets about life. We recommend this car, which has been carefully maintained and loved by a specialist shop, to those who want to enjoy a rich car life as an eternal partner.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2008
Year of PurchaseSep 2008
Engine Capacity2,198cc
Steering WheelRight
ColorCarbon black
Chassis No.ZAR93900005020890
Engine No.
InspectionOctober 2021
AreaGifu, Japan