British masterpiece called "America's Lover"

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Austin Healey is a sports car brand formed in 1952 by a 20 year contract between Leonard Road, of BMC (British Motor Corporation) Austin and Donald Healey, an auto engineer and designer.

The Austin Healey has a premium class (The next class down there is the order of crabs, Austin Healey Sprite.) of more than 2 liters with a larger displacement than MG, the core of the group's sports car. In the 1950s and 60s, it was one of the leading British sports cars along with Aston Martin, Jaguar and Triumph. The beautiful Carvey style of tail-drop was produced without much change from the original 100 series in 1968 to the final 3000 MkIII in 1952.

The 3000 MkI is the first model equipped with a direct 6 OHV engine (I had four straight when I first made my debut.) with an increased engine displacement from 2.6 l to 3 l. The body dimensions are the same as those of the original Eunos Roadster, and the overall width is 150 mm smaller. It has a ladder frame structure, but its weight is just over 1 ton. With a 3-liter engine, it was a powerful sports car with excellent drivability.

Not only was it light and torque full, but it was also equipped with the basic performance of a sports car, such as buying the front brake with the state-of-the-art disc brake at that time. This sports car has a superior balance of driving performance with a large engine displacement, driving, turning and stopping, and at a more reasonable price than its competitors. As an affordable sports car, it has won strong support mainly from a wide range of users in the U.S. market. After that, every time a minor change was made to 3000 MkII (132 ps) in 3000 and 1961 MkIII (150 ps) in 1963, the high performance was promoted, and Austin Healey, who was obsessed with running, continued to be popular until the end of production in 1968.

Also, motor sports activities are thriving. As a manufacturer's work, the 100 series achieved good results in road races such as Le Mans 24 hours, and in the 3000 series, in rally fields such as WRC.

Shinichi Yamazaki’s Highlights!

Most of the production was exported to North America, and Austin Healey was called the lover of America. The 1959 model introduced this time is the 2 + 2 specification called BT7 type which was created by the request of the US market. The two-seater is more popular in the market, but the impression of styling will not change if you wear a tonocoat, and the merit of having a back seat is immeasurable in terms of practicality. The members of the Austin Healey Club have been using it for a long time, and the details show that it has been maintained regularly. There was no noise from the engine, the transmission could be changed with a light touch, and there was no corrosion or rust on the body. However, there are many parts that are in a good sense of the times, which are unique to the individual that has been running well, not in the shiny condition with full restoration. It's a great way to show off the British gentleman's style, where you don't like brand-new things and feel the aesthetics of old ones.

The body color is a combination of vivid yet calm Healy Blue and White. It has a lightness and gorgeousness like a convertible, and it suits well with a body line with intonation. The coating has some small scratches including the stepping-stones, there is no luster or stain, there is less plating and dullness, and this is also good. The interior with a simple and classical atmosphere has a sense of use, but there were no parts that needed immediate repair such as tears. Healey, which has only the minimum necessary equipment, is also a classic car with few broken parts.

The soft top is a stylish navy blue that the previous owner created to match the body color, and it will bring out the gorgeousness of the convertible even when closed. The detachable side window and the tonneau cover are in good condition and there are no large parts to be worked on right now, so you can participate in the classic car event right away. As they run, they gradually modify and deepen their relationship. I think you can enjoy it in that style. The hardest part of getting an Austin Healey is not maintenance, but self-polishing to keep up with the car's splendor.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1959
Year of PurchaseMar 1999
Engine Capacity2,912cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.HBT7L-1253
Engine No.
InspectionJanuary 2021
AreaOsaka, Japan