A "rare" SL for connoisseurs.

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Mania calls the third-generation SL series "R107" by its model name, a long-selling car that was produced for 18 years from 1971 to 1989, the longest-standing record for a Mercedes-Benz factory-built model. Total production volume is 237000 units. It was the only open top Mercedes-Benz back then.

In the Japanese market, especially since the last mature series after 1986, which coincided with the bubble economy, the SL equipped with AMG parts, which had just become popular, became a status symbol. It was a luxury car that symbolized the bubble era.

Based on a chassis based on the short wheelof the medium class W114, and was equipped with a six- or eight-cylinder engine that was one rank higher than the one developed for the S class, which was an example of sports car construction at that time. It will be able to be said that the world popularity was divided in two with Porsche 911 as the two-door two-seater open sports car of compact and intrepid looks.

The R107 series came in seven major models: 280, 300, 350, 420, 450, 500 and 560, with the numbers indicating the approximate displacement.

The last series after 1986 were 4 grades of 280, 420, 500, and 560, and 3 grades of 280, 420, and 560 that were officially imported into Japan. The 560 is an export grade sold only in Japan, the US and Australia and is also a replacement grade for the 500 to combat emissions. As a result, the 560SL with Japanese left-hand drive, which looks similar to the European version, has become very popular in recent years, and most used cars in good condition have been bought up by European buyers.

And SL mania have been aware of one important fact since that time. The fact is that the 500 has more power, torque, top speed and acceleration than the larger-displacement 560 (that's why it didn't pass Japanese and American emissions regulations).

Therefore, it was the number one status of the R107 for enthusiasts to buy a parallel car, the 500SL, instead of the regular 560SL. Moreover, while the 560SL, which was very popular in the U.S. and Japan, produced more than 30,000 units in the last three years, the 500SL, which was mainly produced in the European market where there were many rational buyers, did not produce 1/10 of the 560SL during the same period. Actually, the production volume of R107 was small. This is an important fact that will add to the value of the R107 when it is further rated in the future.

The SL class has its origins in the historic and famous 300SL roadster. The second generation W113 "Pagoda" has already become a staple classic, and the price has skyrocketed. That's why the successor, the R107, and the fourth generation R129, which will follow it, have been the focus of intense attention from car enthusiasts.

In particular, the popularity of some of the top grades with large-displacement engines tends to be concentrated, and this is sure to attract more attention in the future.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

Speaking of Mercedes-Benz of this era, blue-black body color was the standard color. This beautiful car with blue interior is an 1988 European 500SL. The mileage is only 53,000km, which is very small for a SL of this era.

As I mentioned in the commentary, the 500SL outperformed the 560SL in performance. Specifically, it had a maximum power output of 240 hp and a maximum torque of 41.0 kg-m, slightly more than the 560SL's 235 hp and 39.6 kg-m. The top speed was also 225 km/h, plus 5 km. In other words, the 500SL, the final specification of the R107 series (after 1986), was the strongest grade.

It was about half a year ago that the current owner took over this car that the first owner had cherished for a long time. The current owner, who loves classic car life, bought this 500 SL with the intention of riding it on a daily basis, but since there were other practical cars, he rarely used it. We decided to publish it because we want to sell it to someone who takes good care of it.

The interior and exterior are in excellent condition. There are some small scratches and aging degradation, but I can say that it is in the best class compared to SL of the same age. It's also attractive in that it's a +2 four-seater which is not available in regular cars.

It is equipped with a hard roof. Unfortunately, it is not possible to put it on and off by yourself. Enjoying the perfect coupe style as it is will be another treat. Of course, it can be removed by two adults.

ven though it is a parallel import, the previous owner purchased this car from an authorized dealer (Stern Shinagawa) and did the maintenance there. The maintenance records of the Stern Shinagawa also remain. It also has the license plate "Shinagawa 33", which is rare in Japan.

I actually drove the car for a few hours, and other than some steering wobble near neutral, it was a comfortable ride. Regarding the wobbling of the steering wheel and the part that the current owner is concerned about, they will repair it before the sale.

This is the best 500SL that will be appreciated when the R107 becomes a collector's item, and it is in perfect original condition in the popular color. If you miss this one, it's unlikely that you'll be able to meet the next one.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1988
Year of PurchaseMar 1988
Engine Capacity4,973cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorMidnight blue
Chassis No.WDB107461A080522
Engine No.
InspectionApril 2021
AreaTokyo, Japan