It is a sports car from the early days, full of spirit of Honda.

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It is commonly called "Esuroku". The Honda S600 is a 2 seater, 2 door open & coupe launched in the early days of Honda's shift to four-wheeled vehicle production.

Honda's first four-wheeled vehicle was the light truck, the T360, which was released in August 1963, and it is said that Honda is the first vehicle equipped with DOHC engine in Japan. In October of the same year, the S500 sports car was launched. The next year, it evolved into S600.

Basically, the system followed the mechanism of the S500, but the engine displacement became 606 cc and achieved 57 ps. You can see typical Honda's obsession here and there, such as Keihin 4 Cab and isometric exhaust manifold.

Styling has not changed much since S500, only the size of grill has been increased and bumper shape has been changed. Compared to today's sports cars, the 3.3 meter-long body is small enough to look like a child's.

In 1965, we added a coupe, and in 1966, we will switch to S800.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

It is a full original S600. It is said that the previous owner restored it at a famous shop in Japan and kept it as it was without much use, and it is kept in the garage without being registered even after it is in the hands of the current owner. The condition at the time of the restoration is well maintained.

Especially the exterior is in mint condition and there are only 3 paint floats around the left nose. The interior only has a moderate feel of use and the fabric is torn, but the atmosphere is great.

I couldn't test drive because there was no car inspection, but when I moved for shooting, the moment I started the engine, I got excited and wanted it. If you look at the tachometer, it goes from 9500 revolutions to 11000 revolutions in the red zone. Driving this car will be a valuable experience in terms of learning the essence of internal combustion engines.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1965
Year of Purchase1965
Engine Capacity606cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.AS285-1003872
Engine No.AS285E-1004561
AreaKyoto, Japan