Enjoy the last 12 cylinder NA mid now

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The Lamborghini Council is the car that established the category of "supercar" in Japan.

a midship car with a large V 12 engine mounted vertically behind the driver. This required a surprisingly flat styling and a swing-up "Sisser" door that bounces upward, making the car's appearance in a style that was beyond the conventional wisdom of the time.

Since Countach appeared in 1974, the flagship model of Lamborghini has evolved into Diablo and Murcielago and continues to reign as the King of Supercars.

The last Murcielago train (No. 4099) took off line at the end of 2010. The next year, in February 2011, production of the Aventador LP 700 -4, a new flagship model, began. It means engine vertical (LP), 700 horsepower 4WD model. Of course, the name of Aventador is also derived from the traditional name of bullfighting.

A fully redesigned, lightweight and compact 60 ° 6.5 liter V 12 natural air intake engine. The transmission is a 2-pedal single clutch system called ISR, with a 7-speed change. This is combined with a lightweight and precisely controlled Haldex IV type electronically controlled 4WD system.

Lamborghini later released the Aventador Roadster model, the limited-edition Anniversalio and the SV. After evolving to Aventador S through minor change, we announced the limited edition SVJ again.

The successor to Aventador has been announced to be a hybrid model of the V 12 NA + electric motor. Aventador will remain popular as the last Lamborghini with 12 Pure NA cylinders in the mides.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

Aventador LP 700 -4 produced on the 727 th unit. Other than the glass engine room cover, there are no options, so you can see that this Aventador was produced very early on.

The factory line will end in March 2012. It was probably shipped to Dubai and then imported to Japan as used cars around 2018.

Equipped with a very modest but famous mansoli full kit (Front, side, rear, wing). The scarf was replaced with a Claisse Zique one.

The simple combination of the exterior white and interior black may be valuable now that there are more showy combinations. Around 2011 to 12, limited colors and specifications were produced.

There are various kinds of protection (Coating, glass protection, etc.), but the current owner is so attracted to Aventador that he often drives it, so there are some scratches on wheels, front spoilers and side steps. However, the damaged part was usually on the kit of mansoli.

It's not in the best condition, but it's a great option for those who want to ride Aventador and want a dress-up base.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2012
Year of PurchaseJul 2018
Engine Capacity6,498cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.ZHWEC1473CLA00727
Engine No.
InspectionJuly 2021
AreaHokkaido, Japan