A razor 911 for the best balance

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The Porsche 911 series is the first sports car that car-lovers around the world dream of.

Unique styling, a convenient 2 + 2 layout, a rear-mounted rear drive (RR) of a horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine, and plenty of variations. No other sports car in the world has spent more than half a century evolving its basic concept since its debut in 1965. Clearly, it is a very unique car, and as a result of its evolution over the challenges of RR, it has become a sports car that everyone likes.Clearly, it is a very unique car, and as a result of its evolution over the challenges of RR, it has become a sports car that everyone likes.

The 911 series can be broken down into seven generations: Narrow (901), 930, 964 (Air cooling to this point, followed by water cooling), 996, 997, 991 and 992, each with its own fanatical fan base. Air-cooled 911 models are now globally popular, and all 911 series before 964 have skyrocketed. However, as the number of units produced is large, it is highly likely that there will be an adjustment phase in the future, so be careful not to rush to purchase. Please choose carefully with the specification and degree.

But that doesn't mean the 911 after the water-cooled engine is not popular. The latest models are still selling like hotcakes, and there is a strong demand for used cars that are several years old.

In particular, each generation has water-cooled models that are particularly popular among drivers. That is the grade called GT3 which is the main character this time.

The GT3 debuted in 99 as a high performance version of 996. The name comes from the GT3 standard, which is a homologation of racing scenes. The best part about Porsche is that it uses a name that could have been attached to a racing base car for a high-performance grade for road use. It can be said that this is the result of extremely excellent marketing utilizing the image of success in the competition scene over many years.

Of course, the appeal of GT3 itself is also driving its popularity. It wasn't "disgrace". Initially, the 996 GT3 was equipped with a 3.6 liter horizontally opposed natural intake engine capable of delivering 360 ps.This high-performance engine was the focal point of the so-called "Metzger engine" line, which used the same split-type crankcase (GT1 crank) as the 962 and GT1, the iconic racing cars of the air-cooled age.

The 3-pedal MT alone, which focuses on being lightweight while eliminating comfort as much as possible, instantly captures the hearts of sports car lovers. The 996 GT3 has since evolved into the late 380 ps model, with a special homologation version called GT3RS, ending its sensational model life.

In 2006, the base 996 series advanced from 997 to 911, and the long-awaited GT3 will undergo a full model change.

The 997 GT3, which has improved its aerodynamics to 415 ps, finally surpassing the 400 horsepower mark, also made Porsche fans happy with its rigid 3-pedal MT. Of course, this 3.6 liter horizontally opposed 6 cylinder natural intake also belonged to the lineage of the Metsuger engine.

The 997 GT3 has since evolved into a late form with 3.8 liters (435 ps, RS 450 ps). Eventually, we'll see the GT3 4.0 (500 ps), and we'll flip the switch to the successor 991 GT3. This is the last high performance 911 with a GT1 crankcase, and has been a favorite of enthusiasts ever since the introduction of the 991 GT3.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

Clubsportspackage of 997 GT3 in good condition. It was an officially imported dealer car and also equipped with a sports chrono package. The mileage is 50,000 kilometers, but there is no circuit running. That means it's a fun model to drive and manipulate.

The rear wing has been changed to the cup car type made of FRP, and the front lip is the same. All of them have normal parts so you can always replace them. Rather, it is better to enjoy it as it is for a while and return to the original for a change.

There are no noticeable negative points in the interior and exterior. It runs nearly 50,000 kilometers, so there are some minor scratches and scratches, but all of them are not bothering me as I enjoy driving from now on, or rather they are mentally easy.

The 997 GT3 is gaining recognition worldwide. It may be the time now that you can enjoy driving.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2007
Year of PurchaseJun 2007
Engine Capacity3,600cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.WPOZZZ99Z7S791497
Engine No.
InspectionJune 2020
AreaGunma, Japan