The pinnacle of classical car that can be worn as a modern foot.

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Mercedes' flagship open sports car "SL", which debuted in 1971 and was produced until 1989. The 3rd generation is this R 107. The medium class W114 chassis was converted to be equipped with direct 6 and V8 engines for the S class. This 2-seater model has both a removable hard top and a soft top. Another derivative model is a 4-seater coupe with an extended wheelbase "SLC".

560SL appeared as the top grade of SL series in 1986. The 5546 cc V 8 cylinder engine has a maximum output of 235 ps and a maximum torque of 39.6 kgm, and combines 4 speed AT. By the way, 560 SL was sold only in US, Japan and Australia, and there was no setting in Germany and Europe. At the time, the chief designer of Mercedes "Bruno Sacco" was pushing ahead with a simple, straight-line design that connected the square-shaped headlights and grill in a horizontal line, and even now you won't get tired of it.

It is said that the origin of the word SL in the car name was "Sport Light" but with the introduction of R107, SL has been transformed into "Super Luxury". The R107 has a classic appearance with beautiful plated parts, but it is highly practical enough to be used as a modern daily foot. The 560SL, which has been produced for 18 years and can be said to be 1 complete model, has been highly evaluated in recent years, it may be only now that you can get a good grade relatively cheaply.

Taichi Fujino's Highlights!

It is the 1988 Yanase final model. There are many maintenance records, and the engine seems to have been overhauled at about 70,000 km. The current owner is said to have been handed over from an acquaintance about two years ago, but as he owns several cars, he kept them in an indoor garage, only turning on the engine once in a while and hardly driving them.

Gray body and lamps are in good condition, and there is almost no dullness of plated parts. There is a small scratch only on the wheel, but it shouldn't be so difficult to repair. The interior is black, and the dashboard is in good condition with no cracks. The only non-original one is the audio, but the Nakamichi deck matches well.

The mileage is over 90,000 km, but it is in extremely good condition. The rugged, beautiful, hardtop roof-liner and trunk room are still reminiscent of a new car. The appeal of Mercedes at this time is that it is very textured and practical. With its classic style and torque, it may be the perfect car to use as a daily partner.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1988
Year of PurchaseApr 1988
Engine Capacity5,546cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.WDB1070481A084633
Engine No.
AreaShizuoka, Japan