Miraculous single number Z.

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A sports car that represents Japan "Fairlady". When it first debuted, it was an open 2 seater model, but the S 30, a 2 seater GT car developed with a strong awareness of the US market, was reborn as a GT sports car with Z added to the car name.

Between 1969 and 1978, about 550,000 units were manufactured, most of which were sold overseas, especially in North America, over a period of about 10 years. Most Americans probably don't recognize Z as a Japanese car. This model, nicknamed "DATSUN-Z" is still popular among sports car enthusiasts.

The Japanese specification was basically L-type straight 6 with 2 liters SOHC, but we have prepared 2.4 L, 2.6 L, and 2.8 L for the US. The 240ZG aerodynamic nose and the Z432 with 4 valves, 3 carburetor and 2 cams, S 20 type 2 liter direct 6 DOHC engine are domestic models and are now one of the most popular collector's items in Japan.

A 2by2 model was added in 1974 with a wheelbase and roof extension of +2.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

It's a 1970 model, so it's an early model. The fact that there are no holes in the spokes of the steering wheel and a duct in the hatch gate also indicates that it is an early model.

I can say that the biggest attraction is that it has a Kyo5 single number. If possible, I would like someone who can take over this number. Just like the body of the car, the number is the very history of Japan.

Before it was given to the current owner, it was a single owner, so the number of the new car was inherited. It was originally a white car, but it was painted all over in red on the way and then turned back to white again. The last repaint was about 20 years ago. The muffler has been replaced with original parts, and the steel wheel has been repainted, so it looks almost original, but the whole thing including the interior has some deterioration over time and there are some scratches. It is not suitable for those who want beautiful condition or for collections.

This car is recommended for people who want to enjoy driving while feeling the history.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1970
Year of Purchase1970
Engine Capacity1,998cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.S30-01254
Engine No.
InspectionNovember 2019
AreaKyoto, Japan