There are only six cars in the world. Maserati authorized reproduction model

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In the 1950s, Maserati actively worked on the F1 race, introducing the 250 F and the 250 S and 300 S at the FIA World Sportscar Championship. However, financial difficulties have forced the Works team to withdraw in the 1957 season.

At that time, the last working machine was the T-PO 54 and 450 S, which were introduced in the 1957 season. The engine is a newly designed 4.5 liter V8 with a maximum output of 400 HP. It was driven by such prominent figures as Van Manuel Fanzio, Jean Bella and Sterling Moss, and won 12 hours of Cebling and Swedish GP that year, but from the following year the sports car championship will be limited to 3 liters or less and the machines will be resold to the United States and other countries. As a privator, it participated in the race until 1962, and the total production is said to be only 9 or 10.

Here is a true replica of the 450 S. Rumor has it that a millionaire who owns the real thing asked a coach builder to make it for a private race and it was made with Maserati's official approval. Like the real thing, it combines a pipe frame with a handmade aluminum body and features a 1960s Maserati Mexico 4.2 liter V8 (260 hp) engine. Like the real one, this replica was produced in 9 units (or 10.), and there are currently 6 units in the world, and it is said that this is the only one in Japan. It is a very rare property.

Taichi Fujino’s Highlights!

The current owner says he got the car about 10 years ago from one of Japan's leading car enthusiasts. I worked around the engine and replaced the air funnel on the top of the engine with a higher height one. He also created a large FRP bulge to avoid interference (I have a normal aluminum one at hand,). The original scarf is made of steel, but it is made of custom stainless steel. As the current owner says that he has finally made something that he is satisfied with after making it three times, you can see the artisan skills in the beautiful welding marks. The maintenance work was done at a racing garage run by a former Toyota race mechanic. At the time of the vehicle inspection about two years ago, the underbody overhauled the undercarriage and brakes, which improved the braking force.

It doesn't have a odometer so I don't know the exact distance, but I use it only for classic car events once or twice a year. The maintenance has been completed and the machine seems to be in very good condition, but the current owner decided to give it up in order to get rid of it. And it was very impressive to talk like this.

"I really enjoyed this 450 S for 10 years. This kind of car is something that should be passed on to future generations, so I would like to be able to touch the next owner in good condition."

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1982
Year of PurchaseJun 1994
Engine Capacity4,130cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.AM107412
Engine No.
InspectionDecember 2019
AreaShizuoka, Japan