Entrance to the Classic Benz

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The 3rd generation SL series called R 107. It was a long-selling car that was produced for as long as 18 years from 89 to 1971, and was the only open-top possible Mercedes of its time.

Especially in Japan, the end of the model period coincided with the bubble economy, so SL equipped with AMG parts became very popular. It was a luxury car that symbolized the bubble era.

The method of installing an upper class 6 or 8 cylinder engine developed for the S class while using a chassis based on a short wheel base for the medium class W 114 can be said to be a model of sports car manufacture at that time. As a compact and virile looking 2 door 2 seater open sports car, its worldwide popularity was Porsche 911 which was 2 minutes.

Among R 107, 560 SL is the grade that attracts attention of enthusiasts all over the world. In fact, this 560 engine is the V8 engine, which boasts the largest engine displacement in Mercedes-Benz lineup at that time, but the SL Class with this engine was not sold in the European market, and it was a model exclusively for export to Japan and the United States. Above all, the Japanese specification is not different from the European specification in appearance, the mileage is low, and there are many individuals in good condition, so many European buyers came to Japan and bought them. In other words, the 560 SL in good condition is a model that enthusiasts covet.

The SL class is descended from the famous 300 SL Roadster. The second generation W 113, or Pagoda, is already a very popular classic car and its price has already gone up. That's why R 107 and its successor, R 129, are getting the attention of enthusiasts. In particular, the popularity of certain grades equipped with high-displacement engines is expected to continue.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

It is a 87 model 560 SL and a parallel import car, but it has been maintained by Yanase which was the authorized importer at that time, and the specification has been changed to the authorized specification. In any case, it doesn't matter whether the year expression is regular or not. It's also true that many people are particular about it, but the older it gets, the less important it will be.

The combination of a blue-black body color, a beautiful hard roof, a plated wheel arch and an AMG 18 "wheel is the most popular combination at the time. The mileage is a little less than 90,000 km, but the grey leather interior is in excellent condition, and there is no crack on the dashboard. There is a crack in a part of the center console, and the switches have a certain sense of use, but considering the age and distance, it is a reasonable deterioration. The lights are in very good condition. The interior and exterior of the plant are well maintained and treated with care.

He was also loved by the famous Mercedes-Benz collector. The popular 560 SL continues its history. It is also the right way of car culture.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1987
Year of PurchaseDec 1987
Engine Capacity5,549cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorDark blue
Chassis No.WDBBA48D1HA073659
Engine No.
Inspection2-year vehicle inspection
AreaGunma, Japan