Nostalgic and modern small coupe that is ahead of the times.

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Figaro is the youngest brother of Nissan Motor Co. 's "pike car", a limited-production special model launched during the bubble economy of the late 1980s and early 1990s. By the way, the "pike car" overturned the conventional concept of engineering to determine the performance of a car with the most advanced technology and specifications, invited an apparel planning group as a concept in the development of the car, and incorporated the atmosphere and trends of the time into the design of the car as the "a living device". The theme of Figaro at that time was to promote women's participation in society, and the concept was "Fun cars for women who are working powerfully at the cutting edge of fashion". Looking at it now, it simply looks like a style incorporating a retro taste, but at that time, there was a trend in the times towards a modern retro (nostalgic) taste, and it was a new sense.

The chassis and components of the first March are covered with a sleek two-door coupe. There was no mention of performance. Exterior displays a European taste from the 1950 to 1960's and a convertible-car taste that was showing signs of fashion at the time. Exterior panels incorporate the essence that stands out in urban areas. Exterior panels incorporate cutting-edge technologies of the time, such as resin panels and fluoropolymer coatings. As for the interior, the theme was personal space, and they were particular about comfortable design and high-quality materials. In particular, off-white genuine leather seats with a luxurious sofa look, meter panels and switches that look as if they were full of accessories, and the essence of the age matched the lifestyle demanded by the target group (female trend leaders) were everywhere.

Partly because of the unusual advertising method of producing a short film and the unique method of selling a film by lottery 3 times, more than 200,000 people applied for the limited number of 20,000 units, and it was very popular. The pike cars, including the Figaro, have made us realize that the attractiveness of a car is not only its function and performance, but also the power of design to appeal. Good designs are always loved. Figaro is one that makes you feel that way.

Shinichi Yamazaki's Highlights!

This car is effectively one owner inherited by the family. His son, who was an art teacher at the time of its release, fell in love with the car at first sight and won it after drawing lots, but after getting married, his mother took it to him 3 years after the purchase because his family increased, and he used it regularly until March 2019. The reason for the sale was to return the license. We received your request with the thought that "I have been using this car for a long time, so I want someone to ride it.".

The styling is fresh even now. It had been stored under the carport for 28 years, but as it was used as an everyday means of transportation rather than as a hobby car, the Pale Aqua exterior lost its luster and the paint faded. You can see a little dullness in plated malls, but this is a level that can be repaired by polishing. The exterior has no history of accidents, there are some small dents in the mall and the body condition is good. As for the interior, as it is entirely off-white, the accumulation of dirt for many years stands out. There were some scratches on the shoulder of the genuine leather seat. However, with the current technology, it is possible to repair to some extent without any major work. As a car with a high fashion sense, the next owner will definitely want to modify it. There was a small woman in the driver's seat, so there was little damage on the seat surface, and there was almost no feeling of use on the passenger seat. This is quite a high point.

It should be noted that the institutional system is doing well. It ran around the area lightly, but the turbine-turbocharger rose up firmly, and there was enough space to lead the traffic flow. The transmission is smooth with less shift shock. The suspension seems to be slightly degraded, but the damping performance is still good enough, so there is no problem at present without any modification. I can tell that it is well maintained. The records show that dealers conduct 12 month inspections and replace parts regularly. The only drawback is the contact failure of P range of AT. You need some tips to start the engine, so it's better to repair it for normal driving. By the way, it will be handed over after 12 months inspection.

The body and the interior of the car have deteriorated over time, but the car is 28 years old but actually 1 owner, has no accident history, is fully original, and has a good engine. It is very valuable now. Whether you stick to the original or want your own originality, you can enjoy finishing it as a base vehicle and have a long relationship with it. Please enjoy the masterpiece of Japanese car design which never fades!

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1991
Year of PurchaseSep 1991
Engine Capacity987cc
Steering WheelRight
ColorPale Aqua
Chassis No.FK10-012203
Engine No.
InspectionSeptember 2020
AreaTokyo, Japan