Popular car harmonized with "Orthodox"

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I think it's a car called "This is American style!". It is a category of utility vehicle for large coupes. Based on popular models such as coupes, sedans and wagons, this is a bold crossover model that is typical of the United States, leaving a lot of traces of it up to the front door, and making it a pick-up by taking off the rear door. It was also an SUV (= Sports Utility Vehicle) from the 1950s to the 1970s.

I dare say CUV (= Coupe Utility Vehicle). The first was Ford Ranchero in 1957. It was GM that experienced such success with his own eyes and felt mortified. That's because GM designers were already working on the CUV concept in the early 1950s. Of course, GM can't sit back and watch Ranchero's success. We will prepare countermeasures immediately. El Camino was born out of this sporty Chevrolet brand.

The El camino, which first appeared in 1959, finished production in only 2 years, but when the second generation based on the popular Chevrolet Chevelle model appeared in 1964, it quickly gained a high reputation. Since then, every 1 year (model year system), a full model change was made to the third generation in 1968, and the fourth generation in 1978, producing the CUV named El Camino until 1987.

The car we interviewed this time is El Camino, which was produced in the last year of the second generation (1967). Along with the Chevelle skin change, El Camino has also made changes to the grille, bumper design, and interior.

The second-generation Elcamino had a variety of engines ranging from 194cu straight 6 to 327cu small block V8, but since 1966, the 396cu big block V8 has also been available.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

Standing in a hobby garage full of "Commitment" was a Chevrolet Elcamino, the popular second-generation final 67 model. My first impression was that "This car keeps a very beautiful condition.".

As for “American Utility” in the 1960s, personally, there was an image that "It is fashionable to leave a used atmosphere'', but I reaffirmed that it is good to paint beautifully and make it orthodox Did. It is also interesting to express the history that El Camino of this era was tailored based on Chevelle, and that the popular model of Chevelle was Malibu, on the grill and instrument panel emblems.

There was a reason for its good appearance and condition. It was fully painted at a famous body shop in Kobe, and measures were taken to eliminate the difference in level between exterior parts. It is a finish that makes you think that "the condition may be better than when it was a new car."

It's not only beautiful. The current owner has made various changes to the engine system so that he can enjoy it regardless of the season. The alternator has been changed to a high-output type, and the air conditioner has been improved to work well. Four wheel disc brakes and two large electric fans are installed to prevent overheating.

The engine combines the 383 straw car V8 with the B & M TH 700 R4 mission with 4 speed lockup. It is a standard menu for GM muscle cars of this age.

It is equipped with a hot powertrain, but the exterior has a mature look. It is El Camino full of love.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1967
Year of PurchaseApr 2017
Engine Capacity6,300cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorDark green
Chassis No.136807Z139576
Engine No.
AreaHyogo, Japan
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