collector's model limited to 23 units worldwide

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It is a beautiful sports car that many car lovers cannot ignore. I have no objection to that. But isn't "a fast hawk" always a concern? I think so. Sedans and coupes, which look somewhat formal and gentle-looking and have the practicality of being able to comfortably transport about 4 adults (In most cases,) while showing off and having fun like a real sports car, are permanent items for an adult man who values the meaning of the word "accomplishment".

A typical example is the BMW M3/M4. It started with the original M3, a homologation model that BMW M debuted in 1985 with almost a fundamental redesign, rather than a tune-up based on the E 30 3 series 2 door sedan, in order to win more touring car races. Since then, the M3 has continued to dominate as a high-performance model in the BMW 3-series, the biggest pillar of BMW, despite increasing variations such as a cabriolet and a 4-door sedan, and changing generations through repeated full model changes. Needless to say, each generation has made great achievements in touring car races and GT races.

The M4 was created by the reorganization of BMW's lineup to give coupe series even numbers of car names, and debuted in 2014 as the "M" version of the original 4 series introduced in 2013. It is a successor model of E 92 M3 coupe/cabriolet, and the coupe is F 82 type and the cabriolet is F 83 type.

The size of the car is almost the same as the F 80 M3, which is a 4 door sedan, including the wheel base, except that the overall height is 45 mm lower. The basic mechanisms are also common. The power unit will replace the V8, which was rated differently in the previous generation, with the "Speaking of BMW!" in-line 6 cylinders that had been built over the previous 2 generations. The 2979 cc straight 6 got the twin turbo scroll type, 431 ps/7300 rpm, 550 Nm/1850 -5500 rpm, 11 ps and 150 Nm extra than the previous generation. The acceleration time of 0 -100 km/h is 4.1 seconds for a 7 speed DCT model, which is quite fast.

One of the development themes for this generation of M3/M4 was improving circuit performance. As a result, the cooling system of the power unit has been strengthened, and the roof and tower bar are made of carbon, reducing the weight by about 80 kg compared to the previous M3.

Naturally, he also participated in motor sports, and his performance was good, with the M4 winning the Drivers' Champion at DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Touring Car Championship) in its first year. In commemoration, only 23 special models were made worldwide, 5 of which were sold in Japan.

Here's the M4DTM Champion Edition.

Tomoyuki Shimada’s Highlights!

The most intriguing of all is the exterior of Marco Wittman's DTM champion machine. Based on the Alpine White body color, the engine hood and trunk lid are covered with black film with seven vibrant stripes, and the kidney portion of the front grill is outlined in orange. The door on either side was marked with "23", the actual fighting number, while the rear window features a decal adorned with the German flag and Marco Wittmann's "WIT". The front splitter and trunk lid spoilers are carbon, the 19 inch wheels are painted in black, and the interior is chic and lacy with black leather and Alcantara carbon.

This one is one of the five that landed in Japan, and of course it's a dealer. It is, of course, in full original condition, except for the addition of a Jupiter radar detector and a drive recorder.

It is effectively a single owner, complete with records and spare keys. The distance covered was only 10008 km. There was a very small scratch by a stepping stone a little under the right sonar of the front desk, and there were only a few small scratches under the lip, and other than that, the condition was excellent.

Due to the nature of the M4, I would like you to drive as hard as you can, but considering that it is a highly scarce product with only 23 units in the world, the value as a collection is not low. After all, Wittman won the Drivers' Champion again at DTM in 2016, and the Champion Edition was born, but there are only 200 in the world and 25 in Japan.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2015
Year of PurchaseApr 2015
Engine Capacity2,979cc
Steering WheelRight
ColorWhite x Black
Chassis No.
Engine No.
AreaMie, Japan