Entrance to the yearning prewar hobby

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If you still know the French car maker "Amilcar" from 1939 to 1921, you're either a real fan of vintage cars or a classic lily fan.

The best-known models are CGS (Amilcar C Grand Sports) and CGSS (Grand Sports Schubetse). Since Shubesse means "lowering" in French, we know that CGSS was the "low vehicle height" version of CGS (Not only was it low, but the wheelbase was also short. In other words, it was more sporty.).

Before the war, there were countless manufacturers of small four-wheeled vehicles called cycle cars in Europe. In France, besides the Amilcar, there were several brands that specialized in sports models of cycle cars such as BNC and Salmson. Bugatti is just that parent. I don't call it a cycle car.

At the time, it was highly regarded as a high-performance sports car, with the CGSS, an Amilcar with a super charger engine, winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1927.

By the way, the origin of the brand name Amilcar is said to be the anagram of the founder's name.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

The current owner, who was personally imported by Japanese Ensusiast, took it in while it was being restored, and finished it in almost perfect running condition. We have a good track record of participating in the Classic Car Rally including the overseas Rally, so I think we can participate in any domestic event as soon as possible. It has been maintained in a famous classic car garage.

With a total length of 3.4 meters, it is as large as a light car, but it has a unique cockpit design in which the driver's seat and the navigation seat are offset back and forth, so even a large person can join the rally as a team. By the way, the original pedal arrangement is CAB (The accelerator pedal is in the center.), but since it is hard to ride, it has been changed to the general CBA.

According to the owner, who has participated in Rally a lot, "It's light, so 1000 cc is pretty fast.". Participating in the Classic Car Rally for pre-war cars is one of the ultimate hobbies. In most tournaments, people are given a Zekken in the order of older models. If it is a 1928 model, almost all domestic events will be given a single number Zekken. Why don't you make your major debut at Amilcar?

Because it is a prewar model, there are places where you cannot judge the original degree. Please consider it when you check the current car.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1928
Year of PurchaseMar 2014
Engine Capacity1,074cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.0455
Engine No.
InspectionFebruary 2017
AreaTokyo, Japan