Emphasize with a glossy color "a running work of art in England".

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Aston Martin is a British iconic luxury sports maker that continues to release many hobbyist models that stand out from German and Italian sports models. The DB9 is the heart of the brand (At the time of release, there was a vanguish above and a vantage below.) and is the first Aston Martin model produced at the Gaydon plant in the UK, which began operations in 2004, coinciding with its debut.

The advantages of the new VH platform, which uses an aluminum module structure, were that the wheel base can be easily adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of production, and that the weight can be reduced by making the frame completely aluminum.

The thin and flowing styling of DB9, which is lower and wider than the previous DB7, is actually quite large: 4710 mm long and 1875 mm wide. The fact that the car weighs less than 1800 kg even though the 5.9 liter V12 cylinder DOHC engine is under the hood is definitely a benefit of the VH platform.

The change to the new factory has raised the quality and production efficiency, but there are still many parts that are manufactured by hand, and the attitude to take time and effort to assemble is the same as before. The new design production by the designer from the fashion line, the carefully selected material and the careful manufacture which breathes the British craftsmanship. The interior, which is a fusion of these elements, is designed to be a premium space with elegance and color in a dignified appearance.

Over the 13 year period from its debut in 2003 to its discontinuation in 2016, DB9 underwent 6 changes, including some minor improvements. The 450 ps engine has been upgraded to 547 ps in the final version, and in 2012, 70% of the body panel was replaced. In the latter half of the model, a carbon brake was introduced, and the performance and maturing of the first half and the second half of the model were almost different. But Aston Martin's greatest appeal is its artistic interior and exterior, and you don't have to be frustrated with performance just because it's an early model.

DB9 is a super sports car that can best be used like a grand tour car, taking advantage of the performance produced by "5.9 liter V 12" not by focusing on sports performance, but by taking advantage of its comfort performance. It's been more than 15 years since it debuted, but its appeal, including interior and exterior design and performance, has not faded.

Shinichi Yamazaki's Highlights!

If you look at the body number and date of registration, it is the model that was lineoff just before the first partial improvement. The mileage is 41000 kilometers in 11 years, which is a good increase for a sports model like this. The exterior color is Quantum Silver and it is normal except for the wheel of the AVS MODEL F 15 manufactured by YOKOHAMA. The paint condition is appropriate for the year, and there are some small scratches and scratches, but the shine like a new car be restored by polishing and coating.

What the current owner was particular about at the time of purchase is the genuine leather seat with left-hand drive and two-tone. Aston Martin, born in England, naturally has its original right-hand-drive car, but there are still some owners who choose the left-hand-drive car intentionally. Especially the premium model seems to have a stronger tendency. Genuine leather sheet is a combination of bordeaux and ivory. The sleek colours are a fairly rare combination for British cars that prefer less extravagant interiors, especially the Bordeaux Alcantara, which covers the entire roof lining, making the interior more exotic and voluptuous. The side support on the driver's seat side is a little dirty and the seat surface has a sense of use, but the damage of the cushion is small and it seems that you don't need to do anything except regular maintenance.

The 5.9 liter V12 engine, which wakes up with a roaring sound when the starter key is pressed, is stable in idling, and I felt the strength of the large displacement from the muffler. Once you start running, you will be captivated by the unique whirring sound and the deep sound of the low sound peculiar to the V type, which is so wonderful that you will leave an impression of running.

The good news is that the current price of DB9 used cars is much lower than that of competitors of the same generation. In particular, many of the early models cost less than 1/3 of the new car price (Japan to Buy New Minivan), and the Aston Martin, which is equipped with the yearning V 12 engine, is available. I think this is quite attractive.

It takes courage to choose a unique coordination interior in a new car like this one, but it will be much easier to choose a used car at a low price. I think this is one of the best ways to choose a used car.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2008
Year of PurchaseFeb 2008
Engine Capacity5,935cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorQuantum Silver
Chassis No.SCFAD01AJ8GA09982
Engine No.
InspectionMarch 2021
AreaAichi, Japan