Rare wagon specifications of Cinquecento.

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The 2nd Fiat 500 "Nuova Cinquecento (New 500)" debuted in 1965 and is a long-selling model with more than 4 million units produced over 20 years until 1977. The monocoque body uses a RR (rear engine rear wheel drive) drive system to create a compact body less than 3 meters long, which is shorter than Japan's Light car at the time, and an indoor space that can seat 4 adults. This was a big hit.

In 1960, based on this 500, the wheelbase will be extended by approximately 100 mm to create a station wagon with an expanded cargo space. That is this 500 Giardiniera. Even though it has grown, it has a compact body of 3.2m in length, 1.34m in width, and 1.35m in height. It is equipped with an air-cooled 0.5 litter inline 2 cylinder engine that lies horizontally under the rear floor to secure a wide cargo space. In addition, the rear hinged front door provides easy access to the rear seat despite the fact that it is two doors. The large opening on the canvas top is another feature of this model. The open feeling of the back seat is outstanding, and the sliding window is perfect for the atmosphere.

The transmission is a 4 speed manual, and according to the data at the time, the maximum output is 17.5ps and the maximum torque is 3.0kgm. The figure is nothing compared to today's cars, but with its light weight of 550kg, it runs more briskly than I imagined. 500 Giardiniera was finally produced until 1977.

Taichi Fujino's Highlights!

The animal was first registered in Japan in 1995 and the current owner obtained it about 3 years ago. The exterior was partially repaired, and the plug cord, death bicap, and fuel pump were replaced in the engine system. There is no oil leakage from the engine and the condition seems to be good. In addition, the car has been modified to stabilize the voltage by replacing the headlight relay.

It is a combination of light blue body, blue and white two-tone interior, and very refreshing color. It's not a beautifully restored car, but a moderately used car would look good on a 500, and a Giardiniera would be even better. The current owner, who owns several cars, finished the Giardiniera to give her daughter a present. The engine starts at one stroke, and it runs very smoothly. Her daughter's evaluation of the exterior and other designs was high, but unfortunately, she did not seem to agree with the lack of an air conditioner, so she decided to give it up. The Fiat 500 was originally designed as a city commuter to replace scooters. "Because it is an old car, I want it to be used on a daily basis." he said. I would like people who can enjoy it by opening the triangle window and the roof of the canvas top.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year
Year of PurchaseJul 1995
Engine Capacity499cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorLight Blue
Chassis No.FIAT120197641
Engine No.
AreaShizuoka, Japan