Longing for limited model…

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What is elegance in cars? It is becoming more and more difficult to find elegance in exterior design in today's cars where aerodynamics and various regulations are strict.

Don't just be beautiful. For better or worse, it can only be elegant if there is something that draws attention.

Maserati's large luxury coupe "Gran Turismo (GT)" represents the elegance of modern cars. The original design by Pininfarina has not lost its freshness for more than 11 years since its debut (As of September 2018). The elegance is strong.

The car made its sensational debut at the Geneva Show in 2007. It is nearly 5 meters long, and the 3 meter wheelbase is also a source of elegance. It's an elegant 2 + 2 GT coupe, but its engine system is also exciting. It is equipped with a Ferrari F136 series V8 naturally aspiration unit.

At first, there were 2 types, 4.2 liter and 4.7 liter, and 2 types of combined missions, 6 speed semi-AT (Single clutch robotized MT of Transaxle) and ZF6AT were prepared, but after that, after that, it became one type of 4.7 liter 6AT.

Gran Turismo MC Stradale is a high performance version of the Gran Turismo that debuted in the Paris Show in 2010. MC (= Maserati Corse) is the acronym for Maserati's racing division, so naturally it was a model that suggested a connection with Gran Turismo MC, a GT4 class racing car.

It is designed to be irresistible to enthusiasts, with a exclusive exterior is unified with carbon parts, a 2 seater spartan cockpit, and suspension area, and a V8 engine that is powered up to 450ps.

In 2013, the power was upgraded to 460 ps and the MC race shift was installed, and at the same time, it became a 4 seater.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

If you look at this body color and think "a limited edition", you are a pretty Maserati freak.

It is a metallic red like candy red and called Rosso magma in Maserati. In fact, this color is 1 of 3 colors set for the (Only 6 in Japan) commemorative model "Centennial Special Edition", which was sold exclusively to commemorate Maserati's 100 anniversary in 2014, and it is said that there is only one in Japan.

It's much better than riding a color don't like for resale value. That's an elegant car life.

The original color was a silvery body color called Grigio Granito. There are some small stepping-stone scratches around the nose, but other than that, it is not bad including the condition of repainting. It is fixed with spacers of 20 mm in front and 25 mm in rear, and the atmosphere of the surface is quite powerful. And above all, Maserati sound with large displacement naturally aspiration engine + robotized missions will further appeal to car lovers.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2014
Year of PurchaseJul 2014
Engine Capacity4,691cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorRosso Magma
Chassis No.ZAMUH45J000110681
Engine No.
InspectionJuly 2019
AreaMiyazaki, Japan