Mileage is only 417 km! SLS as good as new

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To be clear, Mercedes-Benz has been the world's premier "utility vehicle" brand. It was SLR McLaren, who debuted in 2003, that made the superdreadnought sports car lineup a given. But if you look back at history, before and after World War II at 2 o'clock, they have produced a number of stunning high-performance sports cars. Perhaps the best known of these is the 300 SL, introduced in 1954. With an engine tuned up for a sports car race and embedded under a long nose, the car had an elegant silhouette and a gull-winged door that flapped into the sky, which inspired sports car enthusiasts around the world at the time.

In 2009, a car was born that looked like an homage to the rare car that has been inscribed in the history of automobiles. SLS AMG.

This car is the first memorable original model that AMG, the motor sports division of Mercedes Benz and the development division of the high performance version of the road car, worked on from design to completion. As for positioning, it can be seen as a successor to SLR McLaren. However, in contrast to SLR, which is too expensive, SLS uses a space frame made of all aluminum instead of carbon monocoque to keep costs down. Efforts are being made to stay within the price range. When you heard that the price was from 24.9 million yen when it was introduced in Japan, many people must have been surprised in the opposite sense.

All four of the suspensions mounted on the space frame are double wishbones. The engine to be laid out on the front midship is 6.2 liter V8 DOHC, 571 ps/6800 rpm, 650 Nm/4750 rpm. The transmission is a seven-speed DCT arranged in a transaxle type, and if you look at the arrangement, it may seem to be a relatively conventional structure where nothing like a flight tool can be found. But don't forget that this is the first of AMG's own development.

The frame is made by Magna Steyer of Austria and weighs only 241 kg. The suspension arm is made of aluminum, which is also to make it lighter. The engine of the M 159 is based on the M 156 that is loaded on the 63 AMG series and has been specially tuned in about 120 places. The dry weight is 205 kg. The transmission is made by the newly developed Getrag and is electronically controlled to switch the shift pattern to four modes. The propeller shaft is made of carbon, the seat is made of magnesium, and so on. The weight is 1620 kg, which is one of the lightest for a model with a 6 liter overweight V8 which is over 4.6 m in length and over 1.9 m in width. The front-rear weight distribution is an ideal balance for a front-engine-rear-wheel-drive car: 53 to 47. No, I can't put everything in order. You can't underestimate the development ability of a racer.

The result was a 0 -100 km/h acceleration of 3.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 317 km/h. In particular, the acceleration performance was as strong as that of SLR McLaren. But what's more surprising is its performance. The engine feels as if the horribly precise moving parts are working awfully accurately and awfully fast, and the thrilling output they produce. Before you take your time, the long nose, which is nearly 2 meters long, gives you a quick nap, a perfectly natural posture change, and the effective traction that makes you stand up beautifully. The cornering performance shows that SLS AMG is a pure sport car rather than a GT car.

In fact, the SLS AMG didn't aim for a modern version of the old 300 SL from the beginning, but after AMG developed the packaging, the gull-wing door implementation started because the profile indicated a direction similar to the 300 SL.

It's not a homage, but a pure super sports car. It means that cars with the same vector were born by chance over time.

Here's the M4DTM Champion Edition.

Tomoyuki Shimada’s Highlights!

When you look at a car that is in a condition like a new car, the only thing that comes to mind is the word "Like a new car" making you keenly feel the lack of vocabulary as a writer.

I don't mean to defend myself, but I think it's natural. This one is a 2010 model, and the mileage is surprisingly 417 km. 1The owner, who was a collector, only ran the car when he checked it with a regular dealer. I couldn't stand the number 419 to 418 or 417, so I decided to keep the shoot in the garage where it was stored.

I'm sorry to bother you, but the condition is just like a new car. There was only one apparent scratch on the carbon step cover above the wide side sill on the driver's seat side, which was probably a scratch on the heel of the shoe when getting in. I crawled down and peeked from the front, back, right and left, and it was beautiful.

The only difference is that it has a radar detector attached to it. Of course, it is easy to remove. There is a record book that was inspected regularly, and there is no spare key and instruction manual, but it is possible to prepare it separately. The car inspection is valid until December 2019.

By the way, this car has many expensive options. First, the body color is albium silver, which is 1.5 million yen. AMG Performance Package, 1.75 million yen, consists of 19 inch front and 20 inch rear forged wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, and reinforced suspensions. AMG Full Carbon Package, 1.65 million yen, includes center console trim, door trim, step cover, seat back and seat frame, and door mirror made of carbon. Full leather is 360,000 yen. ... etc. If you add them to the price when you buy a new car, the price is very close to the current selling price.

It may seem expensive considering the average price of SLS AMG used cars, but I don't think SLS AMG with this mileage and this condition will come out in the future. As a collection, and of course, holding the steering wheel and enjoying the pure sports car taste, this is definitely the right car for both.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2010
Year of PurchaseDec 2010
Engine Capacity6,208cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.WDD1973771A003511
Engine No.
InspectionDecember 2019
AreaMie, Japan