I feel GT2.

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What makes the 911 type 993 so appealing to enthusiasts around the world? You can come up with a number of reasons, but eventually you'll come to the conclusion that "Last of the air-cooled type 911". Up until the 964, which was just before the 993 model, the model was built in the 901 model (so-called Narrows), but the front and rear styles of the model were aerodynamically renewed, and a multi-link rear suspension system was adopted to provide a rear-wheel support system that responds to higher performance. On the other hand, the air-cooled flat 6 and small cabin, as well as the distinctive cock-pit design, follow tradition.

In other words, the 993 type is a model that crosses the present and the past of the 911, and it was a landmark in history, so I think it became so popular.

The 911 series type 993 was produced from 93 to 98. The basic configuration of the basic Carrera, Carrera S, 4WD Carrera 4 & 4S, high performance turbo grade and RS (GT3 in modern times), and the 911 line-up to the present, was completed from this model 993.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

It looks like a GT2, but it's actually a Carrera. The engine is normal, but you can enjoy it very much when you ride it because the undercarriage is built. Above all, I like the size. The muffler was also replaced, and it made quite a sound.

What's interesting is that it looks like a manual even though it's tiptolonic. In addition, it is a small steering wheel made of deep cone drifting MOMO, but it is elaborate, for example, I changed the tiptronic to paddle shift (carbon). The recaro seat has been replaced and the rear seat has the same coordination, so you can feel the owner's "love of modification".

It doesn't seem like there are many opportunities to be dispatched recently, but when it was completed, it seemed to be running very hard, and there are a lot of damage to the front nose. Other coating conditions are good, but if you are concerned, please repair it without hesitation. Even now, it is repainted to genuine lapis blue.

The fit of the GT2 aero part is beautiful, and the way you stand low with the Bronbach wheels is exactly like the GT2. The real one is now worth tens of millions of yen. Even if I have it, I am too scared to ride it. In that respect, I think this car can enjoy fully including the atmosphere.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1993
Year of PurchaseMar 1996
Engine Capacity3,600cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.WPOZZZ99ZSS310681
Engine No.
AreaOita, Japan