The first full-fledged sports model that resolved to face the world.

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The 4th generation corvette, the C4 series, was created with the concept of "Internationally accepted professional sports cars" to be the first model to confront the world. Midship was considered during the development process, but ultimately the same conventional FR model was chosen. However, the bold styling of the 3rd generation C3 type has been overshadowed by the refreshing European taste design of the long nose short deck. The aerodynamic performance was improved from Cd value of 0.44 to 0.34. The frame structure was changed from the old ladder frame to the latest square section steel pipe structure, and both weight reduction and body rigidity improvement were achieved. In addition, the wheel base has been shortened, the tread has been enlarged, and the weight distribution has been reduced to 49: 51, which is close to the ideal. In this way, we are pursuing the ideal form that a real sports car should be, which is the exact opposite of a C3 type. From the outset, the addition of an optional reinforced suspension package (Z51, Z52, Z07) and an electronic display on the instrument panel reminiscent of an airplane may have been a sign of the engineers' enthusiasm for a new-age sports car.

Of course, There followed the unwritten rule of the past, and from the debut in 1984 to the end of production in 1996, we did not relax our evolutionary efforts. The engine displacement and model of the 5.7 liter V8 cylinder OHV were unchanged, but were gradually increased from the initial 205 ps (Type L83) to 330 ps (Type LT4). The appearance is almost the same, but the performance varies greatly depending on the year, so you need to be careful when you buy. The 4 speed AT is standard for the mission, and the MT was 4 speed MT + overdrive when it debuted, but a newly designed 6 speed MT made by ZF was introduced in 89. It not only improves sporting performance, but also reduces the engine speed at cruising speed, contributing to low fuel consumption. In 1986, in addition to coupes, after a 10 year absence, Convertible came back and expanded their variations.

The ZR -1, a high-performance model launched in 90, is also an essential part of the sports-enhanced C4 Corvette. The most distinctive feature of the Corvette is its unique DOHC engine (Only coupe, not convertible) developed by Lotus, which was then owned by GM. Although the engine displacement is the same 5.7 liters, the standard model has 240 ps, the initial model has 375 ps, and the latter model after 93 has 405 ps (Standard is 300 ps). Even the only spec that was inferior was lined up with rivals. With the introduction of the ZR -1, Corvette will become one of the world's sports cars in both name and reality.

The 4th generation Corvette that challenged the world's sports cars, such as reviving its performance weakened by exhaust gas regulations and participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is undoubtedly C4 that laid the foundation for the series that followed the current C8.

Shinichi Yamazaki's Highlights!

The C4 model right in front of us is supposed to be the final 1996 model, but it's in near-new condition, almost like a time-slip from the past, and the odometer shows a mileage of just 8,871 miles. When I heard from the current owner, "I got it from a collector" I honestly understood why this miracle car exists.

As it was stored in the garage, the red body color, which is easy to lose color, has not lost its vividness and luster at all. There were some scratches when the car body was brushed with light, but the noticeable scratches were only one jump stone mark on the front passenger side bumper, and a small paint peeling that might have hit the driver's door mall when opening and closing. Deterioration was seen in the center of the resin front lip. The surface was dull and whitish, and there were countless small scratches on the surface, but the place is the only place that cannot be helped. When I went around the car, I found a scratch on a genuine aluminum wheel rim. It was on the front wheel of the driver's seat and the front and rear wheels of the front passenger seat, but both were slight. Both levels are sufficiently repairable.

It was kept as a collection, so there were not many chances to drive, but regular inspection and car inspection were always done at Yanase, and it was always on standby to receive the owner in perfect condition. However, the tire is a little bit hardened, probably because it's past its expiration date. There are plenty of mountains left, but if you want to enjoy the original driving of the corvette, you should exchange it. The interior is full original except that it is equipped with a radar detector. There is no sense of use in the plastic that degrades easily, and the interior is in such a wonderful condition that you can hardly even think about it and sigh. There were some wrinkles and color changes in the support area outside the driver's seat, but there was no slack and the feeling of being wrapped was left enough. In addition, opening and closing the hood, which you must check, on the open model is smooth without getting caught. The level of softtop was also good, and it was a perfect 5-star level.

The only symptom was that the motor kept rattling for a few seconds to turn on and store the headlights, but this was caused by the broken headlight motor bushing due to deterioration. We can solve it with a few 1000 yen parts, so please don't worry.

Since the 1995 model year, the brakes have been made larger in diameter, and the new-generation LT1 engine has not only improved performance but also matured, and the response, startability, and fuel economy have been improved. One of the attractive features of the C4 corvette is that you can enjoy the overwhelming acceleration in the medium speed range, which is tuned in later models and cannot be tasted. It is a final-model first-rate car. If you're looking for one, don't miss this opportunity.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1996
Year of PurchaseAug 1996
Engine Capacity5,727cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.CY1-1166-Y
Engine No.
Inspection2-year vehicle inspection
AreaOsaka, Japan