A beautiful and brute courage roadster never to be born again.

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TVR is a sports car maker that still exists, although its management has changed several times since Trevor Wilkinson founded the company in 1947. But since 2004, when then 24 year-old Russian businessman Nikolai Smolensky bought it up and messed it up, I haven't heard any bright and hopeful stories.

After ownership was taken over by Les Edgar and John Chessy in 2013, the company began to move towards sound management and the right service for its users. In 2017, they announced a new model designed by Gordon Murray, but when delivery was supposed to begin, they haven't even begun production yet, and the plan seems to be difficult.

One of the most glamorous moments in TVR's history was the era of third-generation CEO Peter Wheeler. Wheeler, who took over the management rights from Martin Lilly in 1981, continued to release new models, taking advantage of ideas such as "Sports cars should be powerful and light." that had existed since the company's founding. Wheeler's basic idea is "an English sports car made by the British for the British". TVR sports cars that reflected the British taste that they are interested in not only traditional things but also new ones, were popular enough to surpass Porsche at the time of unit sales in the UK is.

Griffith is one of the driving forces behind this. Built between 1963 and 1965, the original Griffith was a closed coupe, but produced from 1992 to 2001, this second generation has a new appeal: if you remove the roof panel and make it a Targa top, you can store the T bar part behind and also function as a full convertible car It was.

This car has a silhouette of a classic sports car with a long nose and a short deck. The styling design was very classical and novel, as if it was a seamless connection of many exquisite curved surfaces. The basic structure is, of course, a traditional TVR multi tubular frame covered with an FRP body, with a V8 unit made of Rover tuned up on the front.

This time, it is Griffith 500 of 2000 model which can be said to be the last stage of the 2nd generation. The V8 unit delivers 320 ps. Because this is mounted on a body similar to a Mazda Roadster with a vehicle weight of 1060 kg, you can imagine how much its performance is. The acceleration is incredible and intense, and you may be surprised and unable to raise your voice if you put an unfamiliar person next to you.

The maneuverability in the corner was quite good, but there are some extreme cases where the freedom of the tail is suddenly taken away when you step on the accelerator too much, and a character who cannot ride 100% without a wild courage and driving technique is very attractive.

Tomoyuki Shimada's Highlights!

It has been owned by one owner since it was new, and the mileage at the time of the interview was only 17880 km. The Griffith 500, which was imported by TVR Japan, a legitimate importer at the time, was in excellent condition.

It has been stored in the garage since the current owner got it, so the body painted on classic green pearls is not dull, the Plexiglas on the headlamp is not cloudy, the clear vinyl on the back of the hood is a little cloudy but clean, and there are no scratches on the wheels.

There are no scratches on the interior or the leather of the seat, lining and center tunnel, and no cracks on the wood panel of the dashboard.

A small scratch on the nose caused by a low pole that is hard to see, a small scratch caused by a bouncing stone, and a short scratch that goes into the wood of the console where I found it with my eyes wide open, but there is nothing else to point out.

As you can see, it is a full original, but it was equipped with an optional roll bar and sport suspension at that time, and the height of the car is raised for the car inspection now. The tire is Advan A052, and the groove of the tire is almost left.

The ceiling has already taken measures against the rain leakage which is a concern for convertibles. I have been repeatedly performing maintenance, including refreshing consumable parts, while consulting with a mechanic who is good at TVR, but I have never had a major trouble.

Griffith in such a good condition might never come out again. I think people who want it should not miss it because it is rarely on the market.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2000
Year of Purchase2000
Engine Capacity4,988cc
Steering WheelRight
ColorClassic green pearl
Chassis No.SDLAA04R5YB001219
Engine No.
InspectionJuly 2021
AreaTokyo, Japan