A great introduction to the Italian Classic

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The story of Dino Fiat's birth can be said to be one of the mania's favorite stories.

Ferrari (They didn't have that much capacity yet.), which was forced to build at least 12 Dino V6 engines in 500 months following a regulatory change in its F2 racing, suddenly wanted to achieve that goal by collaborating with Fiat, a large company that was looking to develop a flagship car to boost its brand image. That was the beginning of this famous story.

Of course, the main characters in the story were Enzo Ferrari and Giovanni Anielli (Fiat founding family). They reached an agreement in March 1965, and there was little time left to change the regulations from the 67 season. Fiat Dino Spider debuted in 66. As for coupes, they appeared the following year, 67 years later.

The 2 + 2 coupe was designed by Bertone with a wheel base 27 centimeters longer than the Spider designed by Pininfarina and initially used for production. The original sketch is said to be by Georgette Giugiaro, who was with Bertone until 65. The sports car color was lighter than the spider, but a gorgeous character called Grand Turismo was added.

Of course, the heart of both cars originally contained the same all-aluminum 2 liter V6 engine as the Dino 206 GT. The engine was assembled in Torino by Fiat who hated production delays and quality deterioration.

Dino Story has a sequel. Early Objective: Having achieved Homologue, Fiat made minor changes in 69 to improve reliability and performance. The 2.4 liter V6 is the same cast iron block as the Dino 246 GT, and has been modified to include independent suspension. Now that the V6 engine is made by Maranello, the car body itself will be assembled at the Maranello factory.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

The reporting vehicle is a 1970 Fiat Dino Coupe. The coordination of creamy white and beige cross interior goes well with an elegant coupe style.

Now it has a small and neat styling, and the clean lines are just like Giugiaro. The front and back fender lines with intonation are very gentle, and it suddenly gives off elegance. The mask with a round four-light headlight that looks a little like an upper eye is also a trace of the Giugiaro design at that time.

One of the features is that the window is designed to be large and the cabin has some space. When I got in, the visibility was very good, and for a coupe, the space was very open.

If you leave your body in a cross seat, you will find a space that is not as comfortable as Gran Turismo, a popular brand that is more than 40 years old. Personally, I especially like the meters. On both sides of the wood panel there are tachometers and speed meters, and in the center there are five auxiliary meters. It's as if the design was more important than the driver's visibility.

The shift lever that sticks out toward the driver is a Ferrari pattern with the front left at first speed. It is also Ferrari style to carve the number of tiers with white letters on the black spherical knob. Maybe it's the same thing.

The rideshare is completely 60's Italian Berlinetta. Like the Lamborghini 400 GT or the Ferrari 365 GTC. The overall riding comfort is good, and the nose moves smoothly with just an accelerator work. Ride taste of classic FR coupe which is hardly tasted by Hyundai car. The process of getting used to the car the more you ride on it is irresistibly interesting.

The breathing engine and mechanical sound are common pleasures of the 60's classic music, but Dino Fiat's from around 4000 revolutions is exceptional. MAYBE IT WAS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE ORIGINAL DINO?

Ferraris from the 60 s to the 70's all skyrocketed, and the original Dino is also a dream. Dino Fiat, which has the same engine as Dino Ferrari and offers a rich driving pleasure, is a model that deserves more recognition. Actually, the price of spider has already gone up.

Fiat dino coupe still available for 1/10 of the Dino 246 GT. It wasn't as perfect as full frustration, but that's why you can be an individual that you can enjoy and interact with for a long time (I was suffering a little bit,).

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1970
Year of PurchaseJul 1992
Engine Capacity2,410cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.135BC 0004136
Engine No.
AreaAichi, Japan