Very rare! Essence of 190 SL on BMW Z3

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This model has been manufactured and sold under the brand name "Dussen Bayern" by Aichi Prefecture's original car manufacturer, Jinko Co., Ltd. since the early 2000s. The details of the company are currently unknown, but it seems to have been realized by the venture spirit of the owner who wanted to make his own car at that time.

"Dussen Bayern Meister" modeled on the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL based on BMWZ3, and "Dussen Bayern Agnes" also based on BMWZ3 and reminiscent of the BMW 507. There was also a model called the "Dussen Bayern Ritz" based on the Nissan March and modeled after the Fiat 500.

The base BMW Z3 was either a new or used car, and it was possible to choose either a 4-cylinder model, a 6-cylinder model, a right-and-left handle, or an AT/MT. The front and back panels are fiberglass, and the front and back feature classical steel plated bumpers, with 6 colors (White, yellow, red, silver, blue, black). The Duessen Bayern Meister is said to be a limited sale of 100 units.

Taichi fujino’s Highlights!

This individual is based on the late form of Z3. This is a combination of a 3 liter inline 6 cylinder DOHC (M 54 engine) with a 5 speed AT that delivers 231 ps. As for the interior, the Dussen Bayern logo is printed on the steering center pad, but it is basically Z3 itself. The previous owner seems to have taken care of it very much. The mileage was about 39500 km when I was interviewed, but the interior has no resin parts or wood panels, and there is no big damage, so I can still feel the atmosphere of the new car. The only non-original part of the interior is that it has a car navigation system, radar and ETC, and the room mirror is moved onto the dashboard. (The original mirror is said to be preserved.).

On the exterior, the side mirrors have been changed to the classic type (BMW's genuine products were also kept here.). There are no big scratches or dents on the body, but the plated bumper has a little bit of rust, and there are scratches on the wheels, so I would like to repair the car and ride it.

I was able to test drive a little, but there is no problem in the engine system, and I can taste the straight 6 style of BMW. The hood can be opened and closed electrically, so the condition is not bad. There are some scratches and stuffing on the rear screen when it is folded, but it seems that BMW parts can still be used to repair this area.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2000
Year of PurchaseSep 2000
Engine Capacity3,000cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.WBACN52-060LL3304
Engine No.
InspectionJune 2020
AreaKanagawa, Japan