Rare color full-normal roadster

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Cars that first established the "supercar" category in Japan. It was Lamborghini Countach.

This is a midship sports car with a large V 12 engine mounted vertically behind the driver. Genius engineer Paolo Stanzani created the Copernican transposition of the powertrain (Normally, the engine is replaced by the mission by the engine.). And brilliant Marcello Gandini created a swing-up (Sisser) door that jumps upward, and a surprisingly flat styling that went beyond the norm at the time.

The style created by this unique power train arrangement has been passed down to the present as a Lamborghini standard style since Countach appeared in 1974. After Countach, it evolved into Diablo and Murcielago, and continued to reign as the King of Supercars.

The last Murcielago train (No. 4099) took off line at the end of 2010. The next year, in February 2011, production of the Aventador LP 700 -4, a new flagship model, began. The 4WD model with 700 horsepower in the engine vertical position (LP) means the name of the car. Of course, the name Aventador also follows Lamborghini tradition and comes from the name of the bullfight.

A fully redesigned, lightweight and compact 60 ° 6.5 liter V 12 naturally aspirated engine. The transmission is a two-pedal single clutch system called ISR, which is a seven-speed transmission. It was combined with a lightweight and precisely controlled Haldex IV type electronically controlled 4WD system.

At the end of 2012, a year and a half after the Coupe was announced, Aventador added a Roadster model. The roof is equipped with two detachable carbon panels, and the very primitive method of removing the 6 kg panel and placing it on the front boot was adopted because, above all, I did not want the weight to increase and degrade the performance. The difference in design is that it looks lower than the coupe and around the engine hood. A weight gain of 50 kilograms compared to a coupe is almost an error for a 700 horsepower supercar.

Lamborghini later released its limited-edition Anniversalio and SV. After evolving into the Aventador S Coupe & Roadster through minor changes, we again announced the limited edition SVJ.

The successor to Aventador has been announced to be a hybrid model of the V 12 + electric motor. Aventador will continue to be popular as the last Lamborghini with a pure natural inspired 12 cylinder engine in the mid.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

Full normal Aventador roadster painted with very rare color Viola 30.

When I went to the interview, I thought I had seen this animal somewhere before, so I looked at the car number... it was number 6000. It's the 6000 th Aventador that went into production in 2011, and in a sense it's a famous individual that was released worldwide in a press release in 2017 (I have a photo to prove it. Please see it separately.). I looked for the press release at that time and read that the line of car 6000 was off in December 2016. The first year of registration in Japan is May 2017.

This purple color is a modern reproduction of the image color of Diablo SE 30, which was made to commemorate Lamborghini's 30 year anniversary. More recently, a similar color Viola 30 th Pajifier was available on SVJ's Adpersonam.

What a coincidence. There is a commemorative "Kiriban" in Japan, and it will be exhibited at CARZY! I've been following this model since the development stage, and I personally like it, so I feel numb when I encounter these special individuals.

The best full-normal individual with a mileage of only 4500 kilometers. The color is flashy, but the interior is black and white (or silver), which is very simple, and the interior and exterior do not have carbon parts on purpose, so I think it is quite an elegant finish.

The front section was clearly covered with film. There are no noticeable scratches, and you can drive like a new car!

This is a pre-season roadster with full normal and rare colors. If you want to take good care of it for a long time, I think it is the best one.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2017
Year of PurchaseMay 2017
Engine Capacity6,498cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.ZHWER1ZD1HLA06000
Engine No.
InspectionMay 2020
AreaMie, Japan