A high-performance Porsche GT that has been reevaluated remarkably.

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The Porsche 911 (Type 901) made a brilliant debut as a German sports car in 1964, but after many years of production without a full model change, its charisma began to fade in the 1970s, causing sales to drop. In order to change this situation, the 924 and 928 models were designed to be the linchpin of a new generation Porsche while expanding the line-up under the leadership of Ernst Fuhrmann, who took over the business from the Porsche family. The feature is that it adopts the conventional FR method instead of the 911 type RR method.

The 914 had the same entry role as the previous 924, but the 928 was planned and developed as a luxury GT with the aim of entering premium markets such as Ferrari and Aston Martin. The price of the car is higher than 911 and the equipment is luxurious. It served as a flagship model.

In addition to a futuristic style with curved surfaces that don't look old even today, Porsche's new-generation sports cars were advanced in appearance and mechanism, such as the transaxle mission to optimize weight distribution, the Weissach axle that pioneered 4WS, and the use of aluminum for body panels. The concept and design has influenced many luxury sports cars that have appeared since then.

The 928 was also produced for 18 years from 1995 to 1977, making it the longest model produced in Porsche's history to date. Although there were no major changes to the basic skeleton, the V8 engine on the front starts with the initial 4.5 liter SOHC (240 ps), expands to 4.7 liter SOHC (270 ps to 300 ps), 5 liter DOHC (292 ps to 330 ps), and eventually expands to 5.4 liter DOHC (350 ps). The fact that each part has been brushed up many times and has always maintained its first-class performance may have been the pride of the flagship for the mainstay 911. It is ironic that, as a result, with the evolution of tires and the adoption of 4WD mechanisms, the 911 was continued and the FR sports cars, which were to be replaced, faded out one after another. By the way, the 928 concept was inherited by 4 door Panamera which debuted 14 years later in 2009.

With its timeless technology, timeless looks and contemporary performance, the Porsche 928 has the potential to garner even greater recognition in the market. It's been 24 years since the last model was sold, so cars in good condition might disappear from the market. If you're considering buying one, early decisions can enrich your collectible car life.

Shinichi Yamazaki's Highlights!

Most of the 928 s in the current used market are the S4 and GTS models, but this year's model is the 1979 model. It's a simple 928 without a subname. Perhaps because you're used to seeing only the later models, the early models without aero parts or ornaments really look simple and clean. If you look at it from a distance, it feels small because it's a rounded body, but if you look closer, you should be overwhelmed by the massive design that protrudes from the side.

Even during the supercar boom of the late 1970s, its unique style, which appears in sci-fi movies and anime, had a distinct presence compared to the classic supercars of Lamborghini and Ferrari. Quite a few people of the same generation who love cars say, "I was shocked by the design of 928.". The current owner is one of them, and the 928 he owns spent 30 years looking for an early model with a high degree of originality before finally acquiring it last year. When I asked him, "Why do you sell it even though you got it so much?" he said, "In the age of the super car boom, what caught my eye was the white 928. At first, I was happy with the current Gunmetal, but after a while, I felt that I couldn't accept it. I want to get it including the thought at that time.". It has been refreshed many times to make it closer to the ideal, and it is still in progress, but almost 90% is finished.

As CARZY readers know, the delivery of cars to the new owners will be done after maintenance, but it is more than 40 years since the end of the line, and it spend time and effort on later but it is a sign of "affection".

To tell you the details, this car is owned by 2 owners and only the front passenger side rear panel has a history of sheet metal coating, but it is in good condition considering the age of the car with few scratches, dents and fading. The engine has been fully serviced and the insulator behind the hood has been replaced. All the interior is removed and cleaned completely, and there are few defects in the panels including the dashboard, so I recommend it. The checkered fabric sheet is deteriorated by ultraviolet rays, and the upper surface of the back seat is repapered, but other than that, the original condition is kept. The air conditioner has been replaced with a new one, and all the switches work normally except for the door lock opening and closing by the actuator during repair. As for the engine, the clutch was slightly worn out, but I think it is at a satisfactory level considering the model year.

The late model may be better in terms of performance and peace of mind, but if you want to enjoy the original 928, nothing beats the early model. I want people who will connect the rare original model to the next generation to buy it. By the way, it is still possible to purchase the parts through Porsche Classic.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1979
Year of PurchaseJul 1979
Engine Capacity4,474cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.9288100166
Engine No.
InspectionJuly 2020
AreaAichi, Japan