"Daily supercar" that stimulates sensitivity

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Huracan, which means "hurricane" in Spanish, is a major gateway to Lamborghini and a mass-produced midship supercar with the smallest body size (But it's 1924 millimeters wide.) in the family. Its position is the same as that of the most successful previous Gallardo, but the styling has been changed from a straight line to accentuated details inspired by the classic Aventador model. The interior is as advanced as the cockpit of the latest fighter jets, and it is easy to imagine that there is a "I fell in love with this interior design and decided to buy Huracan." owner.

The mechanism has been inherited only from the concept of a 5.2 liter V 10 engine mounted on a mid size supercar. The engine adopts a skeleton which realizes weight reduction and rigidity improvement by a hybrid structure of aluminum space frame and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced resin), integrated vehicle body control by a newly developed electronic platform, and dual injection system which achieves both high output and low fuel consumption by using direct injection and port injection. In addition, Lamborghini's first dual-clutch transmission incorporates new mechanisms such as the Huldex 4WD system with hydraulic multi-plate control, such as Aventador, to further enhance the quality of a daily supercar as well as speed.

The rear wheel drive model LP580-2 (2017 model RWD Coupe) was released in November 2015, about 2 years after the 4WD model (LP610-4) debuted. Because the joy of maneuvering is more important than absolute speed, the engine output (610 ps → 580 ps) and characteristics have been modified to suit the RWD model, and chassis control has been reconsidered. As for the exterior, the design of the front and rear bumpers was changed to optimize the aerodynamic balance, and the appearance was different from that of the 4WD model. In addition, the aluminum wheel was 19 inches, 1 size smaller, and the brake rotor was also changed from carbon to steel (All optional), so the price was reduced to 22.8 million yen (When he made his debut in Japan in 2016) and it had a role as an entry model of the series. The appeal of the LP580-2 is its lightning-fast user experience and direct drive feel, which have enabled it to attract a different set of customers than the LP-610-4.

Huracan, like the Gallardo, followed Lamborghini's current timetable with its high-performance Performante in 2017 and its low-end EVO series in 2019. We are continuing to improve the level of perfection of our products without slowing down the pace of evolution.

Shinichi Yamazaki's Highlights!

This 2018 model Huracan RWD coupe features the body color of the dazzling and gorgeous Rosso Mars (metallic red). A car with a mileage of only 2,500 km appeared in CARZY. I'm not looking for a rough one, but I searched all around the body, top, bottom, right and left, and finally I crawled to look under the floor, but I found only a small jumping stone on the front window and it was beautiful. Just like a new car, in excellent condition.

The current owner says that the reason for selling it after about 1 year of ownership is that "Huracan is a great supercar and very complete, but it's too perfect to be interesting. Also, I tried not to ride other super cars as much as possible, but recently I tried driving Aventador and I was completely fascinated by the excitement. After seeing the new model which is said to be coming out after next year, I plan to decide which one to buy, Aventador or not." I understand the feeling that once you taste "Fighting Bull", you want to reach the top.

The exterior is accented with a sports exhaust system and a red brake caliper matching the body color (Front lifter is standard in this year's model.).

The seat is made of genuine leather with red stitching on a black base, and the combination matches the body color. There is hardly any feeling of use such as rubbing, wrinkles. Equipped with an optional drink holder and a net behind the seat, the Traveler's Kit is equipped with a Park Assist Sensor for improved visibility + Rear View Camera, and now a must-have external drive recorder (It also acts as a rearview mirror.).

As the standard model of a new car has evolved into an EVO, a used-car is the only way to obtain a genuine uracan drawn by a designer at the time of development. For those would-be owners, I think this car will be very attractive because it retains the glamour of a super car and the same condition as a new car. I think this is the perfect car to enjoy for a long time.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2018
Year of PurchaseJul 2018
Engine Capacity5,204cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorRosso Mars
Chassis No.ZHWEC2ZF4JLA10458
Engine No.
InspectionJuly 2021
AreaAichi, Japan