Giugiaro's masterpiece Spyder.

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The evolution of the Fiat 2 Door RR sedan 600 (Seicento) into a 850 in 1964 was the basis for a variety of derivative models. For the 850, minivans, vans, coupes and spiders were planned.

The method of entrusting each style to a different designer or carrozzeria was middle common sense among Italian manufacturers at that time, and therefore, various models of designs with outstanding individuality appeared even with the same car name. A famous example is Alfa Romeo Giulietta, where the company (Berlina), Bertone (Berlinetta) and Pininfarina (Spider) competed.

The 850 based spider was introduced with a coupe in 1965, 1 year after the debut of the 2 door saloon (Main Model). Bertone, who was in charge of styling during Giorgetto Giugiaro's tenure, even took on production.

The styling is summarized by a simple design in the same direction as the Chevrolet Testudo presented by Bertone in 1963, and the characteristic headlights used later for the Miura, the exquisitely arched front fender line, the cleanly flattened rear steel tonneau cover, and the soft top that fits neatly underneath, etc., here and there, you can see the particular design of the young maestro. Incidentally, the rear lamps and doorknobs, along with the headlights, were later diverted to the Miura.

As the car's name implies, the 850 (843) cc 4 engine with direct water cooling achieved 49ps, the highest in the series. Combined with 4MT, it boasted a maximum speed of 145 km/h.

A minor change was made in 1968, and the 903cc engine with 52ps, the strongest in the series, was installed. At the same time, the name of the car was changed to "850 Sport Spider". Unfortunately, the characteristic headlight design was redesigned in response to the US market, and the delicacy of the design was lost, but as a result, it became so popular in the US market that it was produced in the series for a long time until 1973.

Spider production is around 140,000 units. For your information, it is said that more than 2.3 million units of the series were sold all over the world.

Jun Nishikawa's Highlights!

This is a 1967 model, so it's an early type 850 spider with a simple Giugiaro design. The current owner bought it at Yahoo Auction 11 years ago. The owner, who has dealt with most of his beloved cars through private transactions, is such a car enthusiast that he takes the next step after seeing the "love of cars" of the other person, whether to sell or buy. It was not difficult for me to imagine the good condition of this car, which was recognized by an old friend of author.

If you look closely, you will see that this is a car in good condition that has kept the original well. He got it after the engine was overhauled by the previous owner, immediately performed full maintenance on the suspension system. Five years ago, the car was completely painted in its original colors, including bumper re-plating. He have only driven about 2000km a year, so I can say this car is excellent condition.

The interior is probably an original fabric with no noticeable rips or fray. The repaired part is hardly noticed. There was only a scratch on the back of the passenger seat back.

There are no cracks on the surface of the dashboard. The instrument panel is also in good condition. There is a big crack in the passenger seat, but you can fix it if you repair it. The steering wheel is non-original, but it was equipped with a precious Hellebare. Of course, the original handle is also attached. The odometer is now 74000 km. The owner doesn't know whether it's the actual mileage or not. I think it's probably the actual mileage ......。

The wheel was fitted with a precious genuine Fiat Cromodora mug wheel. Original steel wheels and caps are also stored and passed to the next owner. The exhaust and muffler had been replaced with a copy of the Abarth style.

The fabric of the soft top is also non-original and originally made of vinyl. However, it looks better in its current coordination, which is made of cloth in chic shades. The hood is in excellent condition. Amazingly, it also comes with a rare steel hardtop (but it's heavy!) .

Since the car was based on a mass-produced mass-produced car that sold over 2 million units worldwide, there was little difficulty in supplying the necessary machinery parts. It doesn't have air conditioning and air conditioning, but if you think you can casually enjoy Giugiaro's masterpiece, you can stand the summer heat!

The Fiat 850 Spyder rides like a small cruiser. Please take over this precious early model.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1967
Year of PurchaseMar 1995
Engine Capacity843cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.FIAT100GS0018017
Engine No.
InspectionMay 2020
AreaNara, Japan